Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vote No On 1 Becomes The Second Group To Oppose Alaska 2014 Ballot Measure 1, Which Would Repeal The SB21 Oil Tax Cut

On November 12th, 2013, KTUU Channel 2 reports that a second advocacy group has formed to oppose Alaska 2014 Ballot Measure 1, which, if passed, would repeal the oil tax reform passed by the state legislature during the 2013 session. The reform bill was engrossed as SB21. The newest group call itself Vote No On 1. The other group is called We Are Alaska, backed by the Alaska Support Industry Alliance. Leading the charge to repeal SB21 is Repeal The Giveaway, which includes such notables as Vic Fischer, who was present at the original state constitution convention, along with a sprinkling of Democratic lawmakers.

Vote No on 1 is organizing a statewide campaign to defeat Ballot Measure 1 because they believe it will undermine efforts to encourage new oil production, grow Alaska’s economy, and create jobs. They say that contrary to Repeal The Giveaway's claim that lower oil taxes will lead to a reduction in oil revenue with no increase in production, SB21 has prompted the oil companies to announce billions of dollars in new investments that will increase oil production in Alaska by tens of thousands of barrels per day. More production will ultimately mean more revenue for Alaska, which is important because according to the Institute for Economic and Social Research at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, if things don’t change, Alaska will be heading for a fiscal crunch and economic crash by 2023. Oil production currently provides about 93 percent of all state revenues, and at last report, Trans-Alaska Pipeline throughput was about 538,000 barrels per day and dropping steadily, although most industry-watchers believe a shutdown of the line is unlikely. In addition, over one-third of Alaska jobs are tied to the oil and gas industry.

Vote No On 1’s primary officers comprise a diverse statewide leadership team representing business, organized labor and community leaders. Its five co-chairs include Coastal Helicopters and TEMSCO Helicopters President Bob Berto, Teamsters Local 959 Principal Officer Rick Boyles, former Carlile Transportation Systems part-owner and president Linda Leary, former Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom, and former Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board member Leslie Wien Hajdukovich.

Here's a quick reference list of the primary resources and players in this debate:

-- The original Alaska SB21, which changed oil taxes
-- Alaska Division of Elections portal to Ballot Measure 1 (13SB21); ballot language not yet posted
-- Repeal The Giveaway website
-- Repeal The Giveaway Facebook page
-- Vote No On 1 website
-- Vote No On 1 Facebook page

I also highly recommend the following link as a brief tutorial on Alaska's economy by one of our most able economists:

-- Maximum Sustainable Yield: Wealth Management for the Owner State, by Scott Goldsmith


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