Thursday, September 12, 2013

Utah Man Eats 12,000 Big Macs In 30 Years, Weighs 165 Pounds And Cholesterol Level Under 200

Tired of nutrition nazis lecturing you? Tired of Michelle Obama dictating what your kids can eat in school? Here's good news. A man in Utah has eaten an estimated 12,000 Big Macs in 30 years, yet his cholesterol is under 200. Dennis Rosinlof, a salesman with the local R.C. Willey furniture chain in Utah, says he has been eating at McDonald's at least 10 times a week and never gets tired of it. And it's Big Macs every time; he visits a McDonald's restaurant every day of the week except for Sunday. And apparently there are no negative health consequences; Rosinlof is 64 years old, six feet tall and weighs 165 pounds with a cholesterol level under 200.

Is Dennis Rosinlof typical of the normal fast-food consumer? First, he learned personal self-discipline during military service when he joined the army, became a combat medic, and served in Vietnam. But Rosinlof said he thinks the state of his health has to do with calories. He said a Big Mac meal is 930 calories, so if he eats two a day that is still less than 2,000 calories and he doesn't eat much more than that.

That's one of the real keys to nutrition -- total calories. Another key is physical activity; a weight of 165 pounds indicates he's getting a satisfactory amount of physical activity. Still another key is a favorable metabolism, which can be genetic. What this shows is that fast food is not the ticking time bomb portrayed by the nutrition nazis. Furthermore, to label fast food as inherently unhealthy ignores the fact that the fast food industry does NOT have a vested financial interest in serving up unhealthy food; they have liability to avoid and a reputation to protect. The fast food industry is not an evil entity. The so-called "cholesterol" threat has been overhyped, with Big Pharma reaping huge profits from the sale of statin drugs designed to assure a perpetual profit stream by merely controlling cholesterol rather than permanently fixing the problem.

So if you enjoy fast food, go ahead and chow down. Just do so in moderation and get some exercise afterwards. I visit the McDonald's on Benson and Arctic in Anchorage at least twice weekly, and have never been served a bad sandwich there. McDonald's improved in quality when they got rid of heat lamps.




  2. I hope this author understands a difference between proper weight and nourishment. There are plenty of people with the right BMI (which is a horrible way to measure fat for muscular individuals by the the way) or proper weight but do need the proper macro nutrients and especially micronutrients for proper health. Even if that gentleman are two big Mac meals everyday, do you think this person is healthy internally (testosterone levels, liver and other organ function, etc) due to taking fish oil and multivitamin ls on the side? Well you would be wrong. Please seek out the years scientific literature available. And please stop using the term Nazi so lightly. You sound like a Fox News pundit, since they throw that around so often.