Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rabbit Creek Community Church Becomes The Second Anchorage Church To Sever Ties With Boy Scouts As They Bid Troop 209 Adieu

Less than two weeks after Anchorage Baptist Temple severed its official relationship with two Scouting units over the gay issue, a second church in Anchorage, Alaska has now severed official ties with the Boy Scouts. KTVA Channel 11 reports that officials at Rabbit Creek Community Church told Troop 209 that they do not support the Boy Scouts' new inclusive policy to include gay members. The pastor says that while gays are welcome to attend their services, their church does not endorse homosexual behavior. According to Troop 209's Yahoo group, the troop has been invited to consider transferring their affiliation to Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church (ELCA). A group called Christians For Equality also offered to help Troop 209 find a new church sponsor.

Rabbit Creek Community Church, which is an independent Christian church, has a solid reputation for being a welcoming church. Anchorage Daily News Church Visits blogger Chris Thompson visited their church in June 2008 and said it was "the friendliest church I've visited so far in Anchorage. During my visit on June 8, I was warmly and genuinely greeted four times before I reached my seat. Within minutes of being seated I was greeted again by a man who, making his way to his seat forward, was shaking hands in greeting as he moved forward. I really was impressed by the sincerity of each greeting". Since Thompson attaches such exceptional importance to the "welcome", this is high praise indeed.

While Rabbit Creek Community Church has not been a political lightning rod to the same degree as Anchorage Baptist Temple, they ruffled a few local feathers with the proposed expansion of their church in 2012. The church proposed to purchase 2.5 acres at the corner of Shandy Ct & Snowshoe Ln, which borders the church property on the north side. It appears that local equestrian enthusiasts wanted to see the parcel transformed into a horse arena. After the local neighbors protested the church's expansion plans to the MOA Planning & Zoning Commission, the church decided to withdraw their application for expansion on July 30th, 2012.



  2. I think this shows 2 things:
    1.) The small minded mentality of "Exclusionism" - "We're better because we......." (fill in the blank.
    2.) They're just a bunch of little kids. They don't need to be rejected by a bunch of lame adults who think they are better than others....because ? Why do they think they're better? Whatever the reason, it has likely nothing to do with these troops.

    Shame on Rabbit Creed and Anchorage Baptist Temple.
    Not very Jesus like behavior in my opinion.