Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 20 All-Time Political Donors From 1989-2013 Give Overwhelmingly To Democratic Candidates And Causes

Liberals like to claim that corporations buy elections, and that contributions from unions and other left-sympathetic PACs merely try to "level" the political playing field. But ZeroHedge presents objective evidence that contributions to Democratic candidates and causes don't merely "level" the playing field, but significantly outweigh contribution to Republicans by corporations.

ZeroHedge has published a list of the top 100 all-time political donors from 1989-2013. But a screenshot of the top 20 on the list shows the heaviest hitters give overwhelmingly to Democrats.

Go HERE for the full list

Oh, and how about the Koch Bros, who are the "Emmanuel Goldstein" of the Left? They're only Number 62 von the list, having given $17,443,573 since 1989. Of course, 90 percent of their contributions were directed towards Republicans. But at Number 62, the Koch Bros. were hardly the "next great enemy".

The list does show objectively and empirically just how far into the Democratic back pockets the unions extend. In contrast, most corporations do direct most of their contributions towards Republicans, but not to the same degree as unions do the Democrats.

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