Monday, July 22, 2013

Anchorage Among Over 100 Cities Holding "Justice For Trayvon" Rallies On July 20-21; How About Some Justice For George Zimmerman?

Screenshot from KTUU video

During the weekend of July 20-21, 2013, over 100 U.S. cities held so-called "Justice For Trayvon" rallies under the misguided notion that Trayvon Martin was a "victim" and that George Zimmerman is supposedly a "murderer". This is part of a national persecution campaign against Zimmerman being fueled at the highest levels of government, with Attorney General Eric Holder contemplating hate crime charges against Zimmerman and threatening to target all "Stand Your Ground" laws around the nation. Barack Obama himself has called for a further look at "Stand Your Ground" laws and more racial sensitivity training for police officers.

Anchorage, Alaska was one of the cities. While the Anchorage Daily News has an excellent gallery of 24 photos and a news story HERE, KTUU Channel 2 has the primary local media story. As many as 50 people, the majority of them non-White, showed up at the rally hosted by the local NAACP chapter at the John Thomas building near Third Avenue and Cordova Street in downtown Anchorage on Sunday July 21st. Anchorage NAACP President Wanda Greene-Lawes said the primary purposes of the rally was to promote a dialogue on race and to challenge Alaska HB24, the updated Stand Your Ground law passed by a 29-4-4-3 vote in the House and a 15-4-1 vote in the Senate during the 2013 session. HB24 doesn't merely proclaim to right to self-defense on one's own property, but self-defense in any place where a person has a right to be.

However, KTUU chose to focus considerable time on some Lower 48 carpetbagger who chose to get involved during her visit to Anchorage. Dayna Nichols, vacationing from Florida, said she was angry with the verdict and her emotions were building up until she found her release at Sunday's rally. The dispute was played out editorially on the pages of the Anchorage Daily News as well, with progressive pundit Shannyn Moore taking the side of Trayvon and spewing her usual anti-White and anti-male venom, while conservative pundit Paul Jenkins correctly called out the Left for playing the racist card to get at guns. Jenkins believes the left is merely using Trayvon as a Stepin Fetchit to trigger more Second Amendment restrictions.

So what about justice for George Zimmerman? Yes, he got justice in a courtroom by virtue of his acquittal, but his troubles are merely beginning. Not only does he have the federal government and much of the national media arrayed against him, but he has been subjected to endless personal threats. Furthermore, it's been revealed that Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey cut numerous corners in her zeal to throw Zimmerman under the bus, to include bypassing the grand jury process in charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder, ignoring findings by initial investigators that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and that there was no evidence whatsoever indicating Zimmerman had committed a crime, pandering to public race-baiting pressure instead of following the rule of law by over-charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder despite the absence of any evidence that Zimmerman had committed any crime, and withholding evidence from the defense team, in violation of both civil and criminal law. Most egregiously, Corey appeared on television after the not guilty verdict had been pronounced and played a childish word-association game, declaring Zimmerman a "murderer," in defamation of his character and in violation of his civil rights. These allegations have triggered a petition campaign to get Angela Corey disbarred. Furthermore, not only has Zimmerman received death threats, but so have his parents, another Florida resident with the same name, and a man who offered to give Zimmerman a free gun to make up for the one not released to him because of the federal probe. A woman whose phone number is one digit different than Zimmerman's is also getting death threats.

Nevertheless, despite the personal danger he faces, Zimmerman emerged from hiding long enough to help rescue a family of four whose vehicle ran off the road and overturned in Sanford, FL on Thursday July 18th. As a result, the family was uninjured. Until George Zimmerman can move about freely in public without threat of physical harm, he has not received full justice.

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