Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reaction To Celebrity Chef Paula Deen Exposes The Divide Between The American Corporate And Intellectual Elite Vs. Real Americans

Screenshot from the We Support Paula Deen Facebook Page

Rarely has the yawning gap between real Americans and the elite who oppress them under the guise of "democracy" been more apparent than in the case of Paula Deen, who honestly admitted in a deposition that she use racial slurs 30 years ago. In brief, the controversy began last week when court papers relating to a private interview between Deen and detectives were made public. The documents stem back to a 2012 discrimination case filed against Paula and her brother, Bubba, by former employee Lisa Jackson, who claimed that she was subjected to racial and sexual discrimination throughout her time working for Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House. Deen was in court to hear the charges brought against her last month, where she was questioned by an attorney under oath who ask whether she has used the N-word before, to which she responded, "yes, of course," though she added, "It's been a very long time." Her corporate sponsors began to run for cover.

The latest: On June 27th, 2013, two more corporate entities announced they were throwing Paula Deen under the bus. Target announced that it is phasing out Deen's cookware products, while diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk has announced that it is suspending its partnership with her. Deen, who has Type 2 diabetes, had been a spokesperson for the company's "Diabetes in a New Light" campaign with a contract worth $6 million.

Others who have already washed their hands of her in classical Pontius Pilate-fashion:

-- The Food Network: On June 21st, the Food Network cast the first stone when they announced they were severing ties with Deen. Since that time, the so-called "fair and balanced alternative", Faux News, is trying to spin it, claiming that viewership for “Paula’s Best Dishes” was down 15 percent among all viewers this year, and viewership among 18 to 49 year olds -- considered the most important advertising demographic -- was down 22 percent for the 2012/2013 season. However, politically-savvy Americans already know that Faux News is controlled opposition.

-- Smithfield Foods: On June 24th, Smithfield cast the second stone when they announced they were severing ties with Deen. One of their corporate suits self-righteously proclaimed "Smithfield is determined to be an ethical food industry leader and it is important that our values and those of our spokespeople are properly aligned."

-- Walmart: On June 26th, Walmart issued a statement saying it will not place any new orders beyond what's already committed.

-- Home Depot: On June 26th, Home Depot announced it had removed Deen's products from its online cookware store. But Home Depot's hands are hardly clean; they have been under fire in the past for allowing day laborers, most of whom are illegal aliens, to solicit day labor on their premises.

-- Caesar's Entertainment: Et tu, Caesar? On June 26th, Caesar's Entertainment announced they have reached an agreement with Paula Deen Enterprises not to renew the business relationship. Caesars said it intends to rebrand the four current Paula Deen-themed restaurants in the coming months. Deen has themed restaurants in four Caesars properties: Horseshoe Southern Indiana (near Louisville), Harrah's Tunica (outside Memphis), Harrah's Joliet (outside Chicago) and Harrah's Cherokee (North Carolina).

Other sponsors including QVC, Sears Holdings Corp, J.C. Penney's, and Hoffman Media (publisher of her books) are reportedly re-evaluating their relationship with Deen.

However, the real America is reacting differently. Paula Deen fans descended upon the Food Network's Facebook page by the hundreds to vent their outrage at the network. Sales of Deen's cookery books have soared in the wake of the controversy. As of Thursday June 27th, "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Recipes, All Lightened Up" is ranked No. 1 on, although the book isn’t scheduled to be released until October. Another Deen book, "Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible", was at No. 13, while several other Deen books have been sold out. Furthermore, Deen herself announced that she added a second "Paula Deen Cruise" in 2014, saying that "interest in the cruise had risen faster than a yeast biscuit". There's also considerable support for her on Stormfront, although some are unhappy that she apologized. There's also an excellent post in support of Deen on the Daily Paul.

What this indicates is that ordinary Americans of multiple political persuasions -- independents, conservatives, libertarians, and race realists -- are expressing their outrage at an elite which manipulates public opinion, restricts free speech, and wages economic warfare against those who violate their unwritten political rules. America has long ceased to be a republic or a democracy -- it's become a homicidal plutocracy that oppresses and incarcerates people at home and murders people worldwide under the guise of "peace-keeping" and "nation-building". The American elite is completely turning our values upside down, legitimizing homosexual marriage as a solemn mockery to real marriage, openly tolerating gays in the military, and allowing women to fill combat slots. America is a counterfeit nation whose defiance of eternal values will not long be tolerated by a Creator who's slow to anger. The American flag has become nothing more than a snot rag not even fit for burning.

As for Paula Deen, the financial impact of the economic terrorism campaign being waged against her will not be drastic. Deen made $4.5 million in 2008 and had been on an upward climb every year since, banking $17 million in 2012. Even if Deen losses all her endorsements - and assuming her restaurants survive the scandal - she could still rake in about $7 million this year. But the fact that she's rich and can financially survive the oppression does not justify the oppression.




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