Thursday, June 06, 2013

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan Files Letter Of Intent To Run For Unspecified Statewide Elective Office In 2014; Now Declares He's Running For Lt. Gov.

On June 3rd, 2013, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan revealed that he's interested in continuing his political career after his second and final mayoral term expires in 2015. Mayor Sullivan announced he's filed a letter of intent to seek statewide elective office in 2014, which permits him to begin raising money although he says he has no fundraisers planned in the near future. Sullivan actually filed the paperwork with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) on May 30th. Primary local stories come from the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2.

Sullivan originally said he hadn't determined which office he will seek yet, but that his decision will be affected by the choices of other candidates. He could potentially run for governor, lieutenant governor, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, the state legislature, or a local office. To run for federal elective office, Sullivan must also file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. Sullivan is a fiscally and socially conservative Republican. Sullivan has not ruled out private sector options.

Update June 19th: Mayor Sullivan has now confirmed he is running for Lt. Gov. This decision was facilitated by the fact that Mead Treadwell will be running for the U.S. Senate.

Of course, this begs the question which office Sullivan will eventually seek. It's unlikely he would run for governor, since he has no issues against Sean Parnell, and Bill Walker's already challenging Parnell. I also think it unlikely he will challenge Congressman Don Young, since Young excels at bringing home the bacon and in winning re-election. Local office is unlikely, although he may surprise us and run for the state legislature. What's more likely is running for either lieutenant governor or the U.S. Senate.

-- Lieutenant Governor: The more I think about this, the more likely it becomes. Serving a four-year apprenticeship behind Sean Parnell would ideally position him for a gubernatorial run in 2018. In addition, Sullivan would not have to run against incumbent Lite Guv Mead Treadwell, who's going for the U.S. Senate and has a solid chance of defeating Joe Miller for the Republican nomination. However, getting the Republican nomination might not be a slam dunk for Sullivan as the photogenic State Senator Lesil McGuire announced her intention to run for lieutenant governor on June 5th. McGuire proclaims herself "a peacemaking alternative" to Sullivan, noting that although she thinks he has done a good job leading the city in many ways, she also believes he has been fairly polarizing in recent years. It's ironic that McGuire would call herself a "peacemaking alternative" considering her previous disruptive behavior aboard an Alaska Airlines flight in 2008. In the final analysis, Sullivan could defeat McGuire in a primary, although it would be close.

-- U.S. Senate: There is still a good chance Sullivan could go for the U.S. Senate. This would make it a three-way between him, Treadwell, and Miller for the Republican nomination, although Treadwell could decide to drop out and seek a different office. Sullivan would be the one Republican in the race who could defeat Democratic incumbent Mark Begich.

One person who doesn't think Sullivan will run for any office posted this comment on ADN:

richardscommonsense June 5th 05:14 AM:
At the end of the day all the liberals/haters have nothing to worry about. Sullivan won't run for office . Other than governor or U.S. senate, it would be a step down for him, though someone must run against sure loser Joe Miller. He can already see who's running and probably knows there's nothing to get involved with.

One thing I find sickening are those who attack him over and over no matter what postion he takes on issues. As Anchorage's mayor he has done exactly as he promised to do and kept property taxes as low as possible. He has tried to cut costs by lowering the number of city workers making over a 100 thousand a year who number in the hundreds. The city looks pretty darn good after him being mayor for this long. Its still patheitc many of you support the dope smoking chump that wants to sit on our street over the mayor who's trying to clean up our town . How on earth you can compare grandma sitting on a bench to the dope smoking loser is beyond me. Clearly many of you have a liberal agenda and it drives you crazy that the mayor keeps on doing a great job and gets re-elected in a landslide. Hate is clearly a liberal value and it comes out every single time Sullivan, Parnell, or Palin's names are mentioned. He has kept property taxes as low as possible, beat the unions who don't care how much they cost taxpayers, and slapped down special rights for gays. He's a hero to over a hundred thousand people in this town and would be great at the state or national level. If he could do for America what he has done for Anchorage, our nation would return to greatness.

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