Sunday, May 12, 2013

YouTube Video "The Ugly Truth About Feminism" Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Feminists

While searching for other information, I discovered a video entitled "The Ugly Truth About Feminism". This video actually illustrates the hypocrisy of feminism in its most virulent form, where feminists want equality so long as they derive an advantage from it. But when the shoe is on the other foot, the woman dashes for the safety of the "pedestal".

The person who uploaded the video to YouTube wrote "Feminism is interesting. Ask any feminist about men and almost immediately their true nature comes to the fore. Mention anything about Male advocacy and see how fast they shame you, abuse you or turn to the pig swill that is their 'belief system' no matter how much information or unbiased studies you put forth, their feelings are more important than your pesky logic ever will be".

The feminism of today bears little resemblance to the woman's suffrage movement of yesterday, when Susan B. Anthony led the campaign to get women the right to vote. Today's feminists are more concerned with equality of status rather than equality of value; for example, Mormon feminists recently obsessed over the "right" to wear pants to church (there never was a formal prohibition against it). Today's feminism is a full-blown theology with an extensive liturgy, replete with trigger words such as "male gaze" and "male privilege" and "mansplaining". In short, feminism is a cult. Instead of feminism being merely a means to an end, feminism becomes an end unto itself, dividing rather than uniting. "Privilege" doctrine is particularly insidious because it stereotypes groups and promotes class warfare. Lesbians appear to be particularly vulnerable to feminism.

Real women like Catherine the Great, Margaret Thatcher, and Sarah Palin have never needed feminism. Instead of complaining about lack of power, they exercised and magnified the power they already had.

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