Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thousands Of Pro-Family Activists Led By Orthodox Priests Stop Gay Pride Parade In Tbilisi, Georgia

Just because 12 U.S. states have legally recognized gay marriage and others are trying to legislate homosexual propaganda in our schools doesn't mean the rest of the world is following suit. On May 17th, 2013, gay activists attempted to hold a gay pride parade in Tbilisi, Georgia, and thousands of pro-family activists decided to show up to register their opposition. Most impressively, they were led by a number of Georgian Orthodox priests who decided that their ministry should not be limited to the pulpit. Note that the Georgian Orthodox Church is separate from both the Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Churches. YouTube video of BBC report below:

Here's another video from Russia Today more explicitly showing the righteous wrath of the Georgian people against the attention-whoring gay activists. A few actually stooped to throwing objects at the gays and their vehicles, but whether they were pro-family activists or false-flag operatives trying to misrepresent the pro-family activists has yet to be determined:

The Daily Mail offers numerous photographs in their story.

Only several dozen gay activists showed up; police in Tbilisi took control and bused them out of the city center shortly after they arrived at the gathering when it appeared there would be physical violence. The Russia Today video shows some pro-family activists throwing rocks at one of the buses as it passed. Pro-family activists on the street held up posters reading "We don't need Sodom and Gomorrah!" and "Democracy does not equal immorality!" A number of protesters carrying bunches of stinging nettles threatened to use them on gay activists. An estimated 16 people were injured, none seriously. According to one poster on Free Republic, some pro-family activists even briefly chased the U.S. ambassador's car, taking her for a gay supporter.

A follow-up article published on May 24th in Alaska Dispatch indicates that a total of 28 people were ultimately injured, and that six people, including two priests, were charged with small offenses. Alaska Dispatch provides good background on the politics behind the confrontation.

Reaction: Nikolai Kiladze, a 21-year-old student, said "We are against the propaganda of homosexuality. If we need to allow parades like this in order to become a member of the European Union or other Western organizations and blocs, then I'm against joining these organizations." Father David, a priest who was one of the organizers of Friday's anti-gay rally, said the parade insults people's traditions and national sentiments. Georgia is about 90 percent Orthodox.

Comments to the videos and to the media outlets indicate considerable support for the pro-family activists. Most do not object to the existence of homosexuals, but merely to the public promotion and celebration of it. The upshot is that most people are suffering from gay fatigue and are sick and tired of hearing about it. Gays need to shut their mouths about homosexuality and simply be gay; keep it private and discrete. It is the elite and the national media which is promoting this rubbish so heavily.

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