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Male Consultant Gets Letter Of Reprimand From Human Resources For Holding Door Open For Female Employee

Political correctness is getting out of hand in the corporate world. No need for a KGB in this country; corporations act as proxy enforcers of political correctness. On May 25th, 2013, a copy of a letter of reprimand was posted on Reddit. The male consultant got the letter from the company's Human Resources office for holding a door open for a female employee. Although the letter is dated 2011, it's still representative of corporate culture in the United States. Here's the screenshot:

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Clearly, the female employee bears the greater responsibility for the incident by provoking it in the first place. She should have simply accepted the gesture as well-intended. Undoubtedly, the female employee has been influenced by feminist doctrine, which holds that men are always oppressors, women are always oppressed, and a man's intent does not matter, as is demonstrated by the fact that HR automatically took the side of the female. This is also an outgrowth of our culture of sensitivity, in which people are indoctrinated with "sensitivity training" not to improve human relations, but to teach newer and more creative ways to take offense. The end result is a society rife with class warfare and people afraid to talk to one another or show kindness and chivalry towards each other.

It is also possible that HR's overreaction was driven by a fear of litigation, and intended to be a deterrent. But how long will we allow ourselves to be held hostage by the fear of litigation? How many civil rights violations will we tolerate out of a desire to avoid litigation? How long will we put off the necessary tort reform to transform our civil justice system from an extortion racket back into an instrument of justice?

There was a discussion in the Red Flag Forum two years ago in which a couple of people expressed the opinion that the letter could have been faked. They were comparing it to another warning letter received by a Domino's employee, which referenced "lava cake mix". One Domino's employee said that lava cake mix does not exist. But there is no reason to believe this newer letter is fake, since it appears the consultant may have been reprimanded more for his behavior towards the woman's reaction rather than for merely holding the door open for her. Systems Integration is a real company, by the way.

A sampling of pertinent comments from Reddit (after the jump):

boonhet 65 points 1 day ago:
The solution here, is not to exist. If you DO exist, you do something wrong.

On the other hand, if you don't exist, you can't open the door for her and she'll be insulted because you don't consider her to be a lady worth opening the door for.

todayismyluckyday 2 points 1 day ago:
If you read the letter, you'd see that all he did was "chuckle and make a sarcastic apology".

Here's what happened: He opened the door for her. She "sternly" told him that she didn't need him to open the door for her. He chuckled, and apologized. She FELT humiliated and insulted.

Nothing there was an insult. The embarrassment stems from her own insecurities and therefore blame should not be placed on him for that.

It makes more sense to me that during the HR meeting, he showed some disbelief at the situation. Imagine being called into HR, just for opening the door for someone. You would feel that you were unjustly being accused of being sexist, and for most people, when you feel you are being treated unfairly, you sometimes lash out at the ones punishing you.

To me, the only mistake the guy made here, was being polite. This is a prime example of the phrase, "feminism has killed chivalry". Politeness is no longer reciprocated, it's punished.

csmithers 3 points 18 hours ago:
Yes. This is how normal people behave. A normal person could file a counter claim:

"I would like to make a sexism complaint against Mrs. Lash. On the documented incident, I held the door open for her as I woud do in the same situation for any man or woman out of common courtesy. Mrs. Lash chose to interpret my actions as sexist, and implied that I was being sexist by saying that she did not need my help. Unfortunately she interpreted my polite but slightly uncomfortable response to her own sexist remark as being sexist itself, and filed a complaint against me. Unfortunately the topic and interpretation of events did not involve gender until she brought it up, and her accusations and interpretations around my behaviour is defamatory."

Dracomantis 94 points 1 day ago:
It was blown out of context because everyone is fucking terrified of getting sued and having to deal with the shitstorm Tumblr would have if you didn't blindly support brave women fighting against incidents of literally rape, just like this one.

It's fucking pathetic, feminazis are a joke that is long past its welcome. The sooner all those xe/zi/zo/scum grow the fuck up, the better for everyone.

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