Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Ecstasy-Type Drug Called 25I Present In Alaska, Has Been Linked To Medical Emergencies In Juneau

On April 11th, 2013, the Juneau Empire reports that a new Ecstasy-type drug has hit the streets in Alaska's capital, and it's been linked to several medical emergencies there within the past month. The drug is called 25i or 25I, and it supposedly produces symptoms similar to Ecstasy; police say it can cause violent behavior, disorientation, seizures and death. Police also say the drug is soaked into blotter paper and can be perforated in small dosage squares. The effects of a dose could last from 4 to 10 hours, depending upon how it's ingested. They recommend anyone finding the drug should use caution when touching it and turn it over to JPD for disposal rather than adding it to the water system or the landfill.

And if it's in Juneau, it's most likely in Anchorage and other parts of Alaska as well.

A January 2013 report from KTVX Channel 4 in Salt Lake provides more details about this drug. They say that the full name of the drug is 25I-NBOMe, nicknamed "N-Bomb", and it's described there as a synthetic version of LSD. KTVX says the drug first started in Berlin in 2003, has since migrated to the United States, and already has caused deaths in California, Louisiana and North Dakota. Some people dispute KTVX's report in their comments section, but there's no disputing the medical emergencies that have been reported in Juneau. I would think Juneau Police know what they're talking about. Here's KTVX's video report:

According to Wikipedia, although 25I is not specifically illegal under Federal law, it could possibly be considered an analog of 2C-I (a Schedule I controlled substance) under the Federal Analogue Act. In this case, sale or possession of 25I-NBOMe with the intent of human consumption would be illegal.

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