Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Guns.Com Story About Prospective U.N. Gun Treaty Forcibly Disarming People 55 And Older Was An April Fool's Joke, But H.R. 1369 Is For Real

People on both Stormfront and Free Republic and Cafemom were up in arms over a story in Guns.com that speculated on the possibility that senior citizens 55 and older would be denied the right to bear arms under the provisions of the United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty. Supposedly, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke about the impetus behind the controversial measure at a press conference over the weekend (Mar. 30-31) in New York City, the site of the final negotiations between the 193 Member States. And in part, Secretary Ban said "...the international community believes segments of the population that present a danger to themselves and others, chiefly individuals deemed or adjudicated mentally defective and persons with attenuating cerebral faculties, should be added to that list.”

H. Michael Chase, UN liaison with Amnesty International, was quoted as saying “Simply put, the UN believes guns don’t belong in the hands of the elderly,” while Dr. Michael Betti from the John Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness was quoted as citing alternative forms of protection for the elderly: “The optimal self-defense posture for seniors would include such items as a rape whistle or high-decibel air horn, quick-strike road flares, an electronic medical alert system, a cellular telephone with a large display, morphine injections, neon or glow-in-the-dark armbands, a mesh vest, a pith helmet with flashing headgear and a solar-powered radio”.

At that point, the story began to sound spurious, so I visited Guns.com, and when I scrolled down to the bottom of the story, this is what I found:

A lot of the 482 commenters posting to the Guns.com story must have failed to scroll down to the very bottom, because there was a lot of outrage towards the government expressed.

Yep...it was their version of an April Fool's joke. And considering the volatility of the gun issue, not the best April Fool's joke to be published, since it is unfortunately very credible, considering that seven U.S. House Democrats are pushing a bill called the Firearm Risk Protection Act (designated H.R. 1369) that would require all gun owners nationwide to have liability insurance or face a $10,000 fine. Of course, such a fine would be easier for rich folks to pay than ordinary folks, which should permanently spike the notion that Democrats are the party for the "little guy". At least many Republicans are open about their disdain for the poor; the Democrats, in contrast, are wolves in sheep's clothing.

And so we better spread the word that the Guns.com story was a hoax. But we still need to be vigilant for any more attempts to erode our Second Amendment rights.

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