Friday, April 05, 2013

Alaska State Employees Physically Obstruct And Assault Center For Bioethical Reform Pro-Life Protesters In Juneau, Alaska; Governor Sean Parnell Apologizes

Joe Miller has published a story on Restoring Liberty that the Alaska media have completely ignored so far. Even Alaska Right To Life and Alaska Family Action have not picked it up. On both April 2nd and April 3rd, Alaska state employees were observed and recorded menacing and physically assaulting pro-life protesters rallying in front of the Capitol Building against elective abortion. The protest was sponsored by the Center for Bioethical Reform, which seeks to educate lawmakers and the public against the horrors of abortion. The activists began on Tuesday April 2nd by erecting large posters of aborted babies across from the capitol steps, then resumed their activities on Wednesday April 3rd. The results were documented on two separate videos:

Tuesday April 2nd. Here's the accompanying story; despite the published April 3rd dateline, the incident did occur on April 2nd:

Wednesday April 3rd. Here's the accompanying story:

Update April 10th: Alaska Family Action finally picked up on the story and posted twice about it on their Facebook page. Tammy Shields wrote "For clarification: He was standing in the loading zone, not the road. The vans also were parked, for hours, in the loading zone, without loading or unloading essentially anything. Furthermore, these events should concern ALL Alaskans no matter where you stand on the issue of life or Joe Miller. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives alike should all jealously guard our rights to free speech, peaceful assembly, petitioning of the government, and personal property. We should all be outraged that state employees, at least one elected official and state property were all used to violate fellow citizens rights".

Summary of Events: More detailed accounts are published HERE. On April 2nd, Department of Administration employees pulled trucks in front of the protesters to impair the public's view of their activities; one unidentified state employee was apologetic, saying he was just doing was he was told to do. Senator John Coghill was alerted; he notified Becky Hultberg, and the trucks were subsequently removed. Upon learning of this confrontation, Governor Sean Parnell issued a statement directing Department of Administration employees not to use such tactics in the future unless public safety is at risk or the rule of law violated.

But capitol security personnel apparently did not get the message, because on April 3rd, Capitol Chief of Security Mel Personett and Assistant Chief of Security Steve Daigle removed the signs, and Daigle physically assaulted a pro-life protester. Juneau Police arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. Once the police left, the protest resumed until the activists departed a short while later to fulfill another commitment. Photos and videos were given to Senator Fred Dyson’s office as evidence of what had happened.

If this can happen in a "red" state like Alaska, imagine what pro-life activists must endure in a "blue" state.

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