Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Southern Poverty Law Center Identifies Two So-Called "Hate" Groups And One "Hate" Incident In Alaska In Spring 2013 Intelligence Report

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published its Spring 2013 Quarterly Intelligence Report, and to cut straight to the chase, they have identified two so-called "hate" groups in Alaska and documented one so-called "hate" incident in 2012. It should be noted that the SPLC defines a "hate group" as any group which, in their opinion, maligns another group of people simply because of its existence.

The "hate incident" documented took place in Anchorage on April 26th, 2012. They write "Racial slurs and profanity were spray-painted on residences, vehicles and signs in a subdivision". However, media reports from KYUR Channel 13, KTUU Channel 2, and the Anchorage Daily News (with a photo gallery HERE) from that time indicate that it was an act of vandalism in which "hate" symbols were just one of many applied. The incident took place in the Kempton Hills subdivision, an upscale neighborhood in South Anchorage, between midnight and 2 A.M.; specifically targeted was Grace Christian School along with residences and vehicles on Whaler Drive, Pintail Street, Huffman Road, Tara Lane, Lindsey Drive, Legacy Drive, Spinnaker Drive and Chesapeake Avenue. The graffiti, in red and black paint, consisted of racist and non-racist inscriptions, including black smiley faces, a penis, a swastika, and the nonsensical phrase "You have a nice front porch" spray-painted on one garage door. The local consensus, as expressed in comments to the ADN story, was the variety of symbols indicate a bunch of non-political young punks were out to get their jollies. A pain in the ass and a crime, but hardly an act of "hate".

The SPLC also identifies two "hate groups" in Alaska; Vinlanders Alaska, which is said to be based in Anchorage, and the American Third Position, now known as the American Freedom Party. However, Vinlanders Alaska is strictly a social club which avoids political activism; Vinlanders left the organized White Nationalist movement in 2007 and have since concentrated on promoting a combination of more moderate political pursuits as well as their own unique Nordic-based Warrior lifestyle and culture. They do not actively recruit new members and their membership process is a long and difficult one.

The American Freedom Party has no official chapter in Alaska, although there are individual party members. They do not promote any racial hatred; here is their related statement from their platform page:

Freedom of association. Return to Americans their traditional right of freedom of association, including freedom in racial matters, along with the abolishment of all forms of government- and corporate-mandated racial discrimination and racial preferences, such as affirmative action, quotas, and all forms of “sensitivity training.” Freedom of association means that all races, ethnic groups and religions may openly celebrate their heritage and beliefs without interference or harassment from government and from media outlets and privately financed organizations.

Considering that the American Freedom Party does not malign any other groups of people, it's difficult to understand how it meets the SPLC's criteria of "hate group". Unless the SPLC considers opposition to racial preferences, quotas, and affirmative action to be "hate". The only other reference to Alaska in the Intelligence Report is an article entitled "Alaska Serial Killer Attended Racist Church, Knew Terrorists", in which the SPLC ridiculously plays up Israel Keyes' childhood connection to Christian Identity.

If you look at the main page of their Intelligence Report, you'll see that the SPLC's primary focus this time is actually on non-racists; the gun-rights movement, militias, immigration restrictionists, and pro-family activists. They also complain about the resurgence of the John Birch Society.

It's difficult to ascertain whether the SPLC actually combats hate or merely creates more of it for the sake of organizational self-perpetuation. The anti-hate racket can be a sweet deal for its top operatives; according to Charity Navigator, Morris Dees earned $305,121 in 2011.

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