Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lynette Moreno-Hinz Mounts Write-In Challenge To Paul Honeman In East Anchorage 2013 Assembly Campaign

Update March 27th: Lynette Moreno-Hinz says she cannot continue this campaign because of a personal tragedy. Here's a screenshot of her Facebook post. My condolences:

The rest of the post will remain for historical purposes.

When the books were closed on candidate filing on February 8th, 2013, the East Anchorage Assembly District only had one candidate -- incumbent Assemblyman Paul Honeman. However, another East Anchorage resident decided she could not accept having just one name on the ballot -- and she decided to do something about it.

On March 9th, Lynette Moreno-Hinz, a local cabdriver for 35 years, announced on a newly-created Facebook page that she is mounting a write-in campaign against Honeman. Moreno-Hinz has issues with some of the public sector unions, which tells you something about the relationship between Paul Honeman and those selfsame unions. Moreno-Hinz sums up the purpose of her candidacy in two separate Facebook posts; they are combined and presented below:

I am running against the current occupant Paul Honeman. I will listen to the people who represent me. I have been a cab driver for over 35 years in Anchorage. I believe infrastructure is important and keeping our roads maintained, especially the neighborhood streets.

I believe that municipal employees can live with the wage they are given; they should earn any raise they get not given by longevity and it should be given based on performance. As a cab driver we are regulated by the Anchorage Transportation Commission unless a dispatch company raises their rates. I have to charge the price on the meter. A customer can pay under or tip me over the meter. I can not charge over the meter. Union employees should not demand a raise each time a contract comes up. I do believe that employees should have health coverage. I am currently the president of Anchorage Cab Drivers Association. I have been an advocate for the average cab driver.

The person who is in charge of my campaign is a friend who used to be my dispatcher at Alaska Yellow Cab from 2004-2011. Mark Kim Marion a local blogger who is currently working as a part time janitor at Lowe's at Tikatknu Commons. He also publishes a blog called Alaska Canada Pacific Northwest Janitor; this also has a Facebook page too. If you would like to contact me you can call me at (907) 301-5435 any time.

This is not Lynette Moreno-Hinz's first try at elective office. In 2012, she challenged incumbent Rep. Pete Petersen in the Democratic Party primary for the House District 25 seat, finishing a distant second with 14.78 percent of the vote. Moreno-Hinz also ran for Lt. Governor in the 2010 Democratic primary, finishing third behind Diane Benson and Jack Powers with 5.68 percent of the vote. She has also twice served as President of Anchorage Tribes of Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska, and past President of Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 87. While not particularly pertinent to an Assembly campaign, she's also on record as opposing the Pebble Mine and changes to the ACES oil tax provisions.

Anchorage School Board Seat B candidate David Nees has posted a "like" on Moreno-Hinz's Facebook page, which does not necessarily constitute an official endorsement, but which undoubtedly implies his approval of the fact that East Anchorage residents now have a choice in their Assembly race. Even though she's chosen to run a write-in campaign, her past political activity implies she has the political skills to handle the job should she get elected. Because she's not an official candidate, she has not been asked the questions posed by the Anchorage Daily News to other Assembly candidates, such as "what three things they would change about city government" and "do they agree with the direction the mayor has been taking the city" and "do they agree with the mayor's proposed labor ordinance". If she wants to increase the reach and relevancy of her campaign, she should post her answers to those questions, as well as any others posed by media outlets, on her Facebook page.

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