Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Anchorage School Board Candidate Bettye Davis Outs Herself As Anti-White Racist Bigot At Candidate Forum; Don Smith The Only Viable Choice For Seat A

I've known about this for a couple of weeks, but I originally thought this wasn't particularly postworthy. Then the jackals of the left (and a few on the neocon right) descended upon Congressman Don Young for his "wetback" remark, and despite Young's apology, Alaska Dispatch continues to pick away at him. So now it's time to spotlight the fact that former Alaska State Senator Bettye Davis, running against incumbent Don Smith for Seat A of the Anchorage School Board, outed herself as an apparent anti-white racist bigot at a candidate forum.

The incident took place at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's "Make It Monday" forum on March 18th, 2013. The candidates were discussing their records of political experience, and after Don Smith reminded the audience that he was the father of Anchorage's tax cap, Bettye Davis replied that it was not only experience that matters, but also demographics. Specifically, she said:

"You have 50,000 students in the Anchorage School District, almost. Out of those 50,000 students, I think they deserve to have someone to represent them other than all Caucasians."

Really? So Davis thinks that whites are only qualified to represent whites? Does that mean she also thinks that whites should only be governed by whites? Harold Covington thinks the latter is true, and he's set up the Northwest Front to bring an all-white Northwest American Republic into being. Does Bettye Davis realize that she has now made herself appear to be a political bedfellow of Harold Covington?

The fact that Bettye Davis is race-conscious is not the problem; there is no reason for anyone not to be proud of his or her heritage. Her previous association with the Anchorage Black Caucus and the National Caucus of Black School Board Members can be viewed as a legitimate expression of race-consciousness. The problem is that Davis has expressed bigotry; namely, the idea that whites are somehow not capable of or entitled to representing or governing other races through elective office. The idea behind this thinking is that a governing body is not valid unless it precisely mirrors the demographics of its constituency, and must be "race-normed" to achieve that balance. Imagine the outcry if Don Smith had proclaimed himself to be the "white" candidate. Imagine the furor if Don Smith was revealed to be a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens or the American Freedom Party (he's not known to be a member of either group). Yet not a single media outlet called her out for her remark. Not a single liberal pundit who subsequently piled on Don Young called Bettye Davis out for her remark. And most disturbingly, not a single prominent Republican called her out, either. Of course, the Republican elite are too busy washing their hands of Don Young and cozying up to Latinos rather than prescribing genuine alternatives to Democratic rule.

Both KTVA and the Anchorage Press revealed that Bettye Davis and Don Smith discussed other issues as well. One of the hotter issues was a proposed constitutional amendment, as expressed in HJR1 and SJR9, to allow public funding of private schools and religious schools. Smith supports giving public money for private education, maintaining that the state can fund private schools by adopting rules to prevent the state’s money from being used for religious indoctrination, while Davis is dead set against it. Davis also opposes the state exit exam. Also up for discussion was which candidate had the better background on education issues. Bettye Davis suggested that she brings a better variety of perspectives to the board than Don Smith, citing her background as a foster care system worker and as a psychiatric nurse; that's in addition to her prior legislative service. Smith countered that during his tenure, the school board increased emphasis on vocational education, moving the career and technical education program from an $11 million program to about $19 million, and placing on the ballot bonds which allowed ASD to improve the facilities at all the senior and middle schools. Voters responded favorably to the voc-ed bonds, approving $59 million in school bonds in 2012, with $23.8 million of the total for career and technical education projects. Smith said he also pushed hard for the expanded career programs at school board meetings.

Both candidates clearly bring strengths to the table. But while Don Smith has never given us any reason to doubt the scope of his representation, Bettye Davis, despite the fact that there have been no known substantiated complaints against her by whites in the past, has now cast her willingness to represent all community members equally regardless of race into doubt. This is a character issue, and means that Don Smith is now the only truly viable candidate in the Seat A race.

[DISCLOSURE: I neither work for Don Smith's campaign, nor have I sent him a financial contribution.]


  1. At least she's better than the Alabama variety of office holder, or she could've talked about the "Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk."

  2. The writer of this blog is a mouth breather.

  3. You, sir, are one of the worst racists I have stumbled across in all of my 36 years! I know Bettye personally as a colleague and fellow social worker and she is not racist. She is only looking out for the youth of Anchorage by stating that an all white school board does not represent the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic school system of Anchorage, that has well over 100 distinct different primary languages spoken in the homes and this needs to be respected and represented by those administering the schools. An all white school board, for that matter, an all white, male, Christian, middle class school board does not equally represent the youth of this city which is the second most diverse in the nation (first is Honolulu, Hawaii). Try learning a little bit before you spout off more of your uneducated Bible-thumping bullshit!

    1. "this city which is the second most diverse in the [kwa]"

      When your next door neighbors are a mexican and space alien, you don't have a nation -- you have a collection of consumers.

      And the reason you can't walk these streets at night anymore without a brace of handguns.

      Thanks, jews.

  4. AA, watched any skoo buses dump their loads in the afternoon? It's true when they reported that in 2009 muds had become the majority of K-12 enrollments:

    "Minority Groups Comprise Majority of Students in Anchorage School District

    Minority groups in Anchorage schools are growing and now make up the majority of the student population for the second year in a row, Anchorage CBC affiliate KTVA reported on Nov. 23 on its website.

    However, at a time when the school district is considering budget cuts due to its $13 million shortfall, some of the students in this "growing population" may lose the services they need.

    Diversity in the Anchorage school district has grown for the past decade while the Caucasian population has steadily decreased.

    Only 30 years ago, students from an ethnic background made up only 17 percent of the student population in the Anchorage School District. However, minorities are now the majority, according to the 2009–2010 ethnicity report.

    "It means we are more like the world and we have a lot of different opportunities for students to learn about a lot of different cultures," said Anchorage School Board member Jeff Friedman.

    The report said 52 percent of the student population is ethnically diverse in the Anchorage School District, compared to Caucasian students comprising 48 percent. The trend continues, with minorities growing one percent last year while the white population dropped one percent."