Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anchorage Assembly Approves Second Revision Of AO 2013-37 Labor Ordinance By A Narrow 6-5 Vote

During the regular meeting of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly on March 26th, 2013, the Assembly voted by a narrow 6-5 margin to approve the second revision of Mayor Dan Sullivan's revised labor ordinance, designated AO 2013-37(S-1). Voting in favor were Cheryl Frasca, Jennifer Johnston, Ernie Hall, Chris Birch, Bill Starr and Adam Trombley; opposed were Paul Honeman, Dick Traini, Patrick Flynn, Debbie Ossiander and Elvi Gray-Jackson. The only minor surprise was Ossiander's No vote; she had previously stated that she wanted to see language saying unions could negotiate whether seniority should be a factor in staffing, scheduling and overtime as it is in some cases now.

In summary, the ordinance eliminates the power of city government unions to strike or have binding arbitration, forbids performance bonuses or incentives in future contracts and limits raises to a maximum of 1 percent over the five-year average of Anchorage’s inflation rate. It calls for standard health benefits across unions. It sets up managed competition in which city employees would compete with private companies for some jobs, but 911 dispatch functions would not be outsourced. The ordinance applies only to employees of the Municipality of Anchorage and NOT to Anchorage School District employees. A more extensive analysis of this ordinance is available in this previous post.

Mayor Dan Sullivan, who sponsored the proposal, expressed his satisfaction, saying “This is an ordinance that allows us to make sure the pendulum does not sway one way or the other.” But Derek Hsieh, president of the police union, said a lot of confusion surrounds the measure that passed, noting that he saw four different versions produced by the administration, and the final draft of the last one was only available on March 26th, before the vote. I was only aware of three versions; there must have been a fourth version which never made it to the draft stage.

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