Monday, March 11, 2013

Alert Police Officer Uncovers Illegal Mexican Alien In Petersburg, Alaska; Yolanda Perez-Orozco To Be Deported

An alert police officer helped set events in motion to get an illegal alien in Petersburg, Alaska deported from the United State to Mexico. The latest event in the sequence took place on March 8th, 2013 when 44-year-old Yolanda Perez-Orozco pleaded guilty to one count of reentry after deportation. Because this is the third time Perez-Orozco has been caught in this country, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack Schmidt is recommending a one-year prison sentence before deportation. Sentencing will take place on May 31st.

The Juneau Empire provides more background. Yolanda Perez-Orozco illegally returned to the United States to be with her son in California after her son, a decorated combat war veteran, wangled a PTSD diagnosis after returning from Iraq. Perez-Orosco moved from California to Petersburg when she received a job offer from an unidentified franchise restaurant (a commenter to the story speculates that she worked at the "Eatery" inside Kitos, which is Mexican-owned and operated). For undisclosed reasons, she aroused the suspicion of a local police officer, and the subsequent investigation led to a federal grand jury indictment on one count of one count of reentry after deportation in January 2013.

Complicating the issue slightly is the fact that Yolanda Perez-Orozco belongs to a special category of illegal immigrant. Her parents first brought her to the United States when she was a small child. Thus some consider it unfair to deport someone back to a country with which they have little familiarity. But Perez-Orosco is now 44 years old, and she's had ample opportunity to become a legal immigrant. Instead, she chose to deliberately flout the law, and openly admitted during the plea hearing that she understood she had broken the law. So she deserves to be deported, and permanently banned from ever entering the United States again, since this is the third time she's done it. Forgiveness requires repentance, and she is unrepentant. In John 8, when Jesus Christ forgave the adulteress, he did NOT overrule the judicial authorities; he forgave her only AFTER the judicial authorities, stung by His statement "He who is without sin cast the first stone", abandoned the case and walked away.

Comments to the Juneau Empire story run almost 50-50. Here are two representative comments:

ForReal 03/10/13 - 03:41 pm:
What has this illegal person done to ANY of you PERSONALLY? The ONLY crime she committed was remaining in the USA as an undocumented person. She hurt no one, she didn't steal or scam anyone, she isn't involved in drug trafficking or child pornography, she didn't cause anyone but herself any pain. She wants to live in the US and be with her children. The real crime is what our government will charge tax payers to imprison her and then deport her. How much money have they spent on investigating her, catching her and providing her food, shelter and medical care while in prison? What good did this do to her or our overcrowded prisons? Our prisons need to be used to house criminals who have committed horrible crimes against others, not undocumented people who have committed no crime other then being here.

J. E. Fume 03/10/13 - 05:24 pm:
While I feel for this woman's plight, I am still wondering. There have been numerous amnesty opportunities given to illegal immigrants in recent years. This woman has lived off and on in the USA since her early childhood so I assume that she is fluent in English and highly functional in this society. Why did she fail to take advantage of one of those amnesty programs?

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  1. She was likely being paid under the table in cash. That means not only was she taking a job that might have been given to a citizen. She's working for less money than a citizen can be legally paid and at less cost to the employer. Plus, there's no revenue coming back to the government, though she is likely consuming government services.
    If she wanted to be a citizen, she had ample opportunity to do so.