Sunday, February 17, 2013

Russ Millette's Appeal To Be Heard At The Next Republican Central Committee Meeting In Homer On May 25th

Just to bring readers up to date on the Russ Millette story, KTOO reported that Millette is continuing to appeal his dismissal as state GOP chairman on a technicality. In a letter e-mailed to the party’s executive committee, Millette alleged that the committee illegally met to prevent him from becoming Chairman and that the group was wrong to have him expelled before he was actually seated as chair. However, at the gathering of the Republican Central Committee in Juneau on Saturday February 9th, reaction to Millette’s removal and appeal was mostly addressed indirectly. Thus Millette’s appeal won't actually be heard until the next gathering of the Central Committee, which is scheduled to take place in Homer on May 25. But the Republican Party could call an emergency meeting for the appeal with a petition from 25 percent of the central committee members.

The February 9th meeting was also the first gathering at which replacement Chair Debra Brown presided, and it looks like the Ruedrich faction is already trying to tie her hands. Brown attempted to replace the existing treasurer and assistant treasurer with her own appointees, since the current treasurers both served under Ruedrich. However, Brown was overwhelmingly overruled by the central committee as being out of order in her effort to make the new appointments. The group also took issue with Brown's allegation that some within the party had agendas that were “somewhat terroristic in nature", even though she did not name names. Alaska Republican insiders are still reluctant to trust any Republican who supported Ron Paul.

But it appears that once Russ Millette was rejected by the Executive Committee in Anchorage on January 31st, he became a non-person as far as the Alaska media is concerned, with only KTOO reporting on the February 9th meeting. Nonetheless, Millette hasn't completely retired from activism; on February 12th, he appeared with Bob Bird on Alaska Talks Liberty to discuss nullification and Second Amendment rights; the audio lasts for just over an hour and is embedded below:

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