Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alaska Day Of Resistance Second Amendment Rights Rallies: 110 People In Anchorage, 200 In Wasilla, And 60 In Juneau

The Day Of Resistance rallies on behalf of Second Amendment rights in Alaska took place on February 23rd, 2013. Although there was very little media publicity, organizers posted brief reports. This is a synopsis of the reports, beginning with the rally in Anchorage, published on the Anchorage Day Of Resistance Facebook page:

The rally was wonderful! About 110 people were in attendance. The guest speaker's messages touched chords in the hearts of the people. We had an open mic in which people could voice what was on their heart. The liitle children were wonderful with the pledge and the young ladies lifted beautiful voices! Praise the Lord!

From Wasilla, Larry Wood reports that around 200 people showed up for their Day Of Resistance rally which took place at Wasilla Lake Park. It was about 23̊F with a 20 mph east wind off the lake. The proceedings began with a moment of silence in respect to the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution followed by a pledge of allegiance to the flag; headlining the speakers was Wasilla Mayor Verne Rupright, who expounded on Equal Footing Doctrine in the Constitution. Wood noted that no protesters in favor of gun control were present. Alaska's most famous family would have been there, except Todd Palin was wrapping up the Iron Dog Race in Fairbanks with his partner Scott Davis, finishing fifth, and Sarah Palin and the rest of the family went to Fairbanks to greet them.

Around 60 gun rights advocates showed up for the Day Of Resistance rally in Juneau, where organizer Thom Buzard gave a speech at the State Capitol before leading 20 of them on a walk to the Federal Building. Includes three photos. KTOO reports that Senators John Coghill, Fred Dyson, Pete Kelly, and Lesil McGuire all showed up and each addressed the crowd. Woody Hunt, one of the participants, said “We are just ordinary American citizens. We’re not nutcases. We’re your neighbors and your fellow Americans”.

Sitka News reported at greater length about the Juneau Rally, focusing of Lesil McGuire's speech. Senator McGuire emphasized how this most recent attack on Second Amendment rights is just one more push by the Federal Government to take away the rights of Alaskans. “Federal overreach has already locked up resource development in the ANWR and NPR-A.” said Senator McGuire. “And now, they have even stooped to a new low by denying the building of the Izembek Road which would allow residents to travel between King Cove and Cold Bay in order to access health care and reduce their costs of living.”

We also have an initial report from the Delta Junction rally. Eight people ultimately showed up, and it's been reported that the wind chill was below zero. Numerous other supporters honked and waved as they drove by. Considering that some of the founders of this country endured far worse at Valley Forge, it's a comparatively minor sacrifice.

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