Monday, February 18, 2013

Alaska State Republican Lawmakers Laugh Uproariously After Receiving Question About Gay Unions, Then Apologize; Progressives Still All Butthurt

While this story was picked up by a few marginal sources nationwide, the credit belongs to Alaska Commons, where John Aronno documented reaction by members of the Alaska State House to a question about gay unions. On Friday February 15th, 2013, during a House Majority Press Availability when the Republican majority unveiled their “Guiding Principles” for this session, Juneau Empire reporter Mark Miller asked the lawmakers if they were considering any legislation regarding domestic partnerships or civil unions. Miller cited a recent Public Policy Polling survey that found 67 percent of Alaskans support some form of legal recognition, while not quite ready for marriage, as justification for the question.

The video embedded below shows how Alaska lawmakers reacted. Uproarious laughter by some, around the 0:40 point:

Butthurt progressive
The laughter only lasted a few seconds, after which House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt (on your left wearing the glasses) launched a thoughtful reply outlining the priorities of the state legislature during this session. Pruitt identified the "Guiding Principles" as affordable energy, building a strong economy, fiscal responsibility, education reform and workforce development and healthy communities, and noted that the issue of same-sex partnerships did not come up during discussion of the principles. He further explained that the GOP-led House Majority Caucus focused on things that allow people to have a great life, including issues related to the economy and opportunities for Alaskans. But this did not deter progressives from venting their infantile fury upon Republicans on various websites. John Aronno himself called it "Anita Bryant Appreciation Day", while another person used it as a pretext to drag Sarah Palin into the discussion although Palin has nothing to do with the story. The Advocate and Towleroad were two national gay venues which also picked up the story and documented reaction; there's also a discussion thread on the F2 Anonboard.

Consequently, on February 18th, the Republican House Majority decided to issue a clarification. Both Pruitt and House Speaker Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) apologized, acknowledging that the reaction was inappropriate, but Chenault said that the laughter was prompted in reaction to which legislator had to field the difficult question, and was not intended to poke fun at the merits of the issue. Pruitt added that although it was a serious question and issue, it simply wasn't something the caucus had taken a position on. Read their complete statement HERE.

The bottom line: Alaska lawmakers are still more in tune with Alaskan opinion than Alaska Commons. The aforementioned PPP survey also showed that 51 percent of Alaskans still disapprove of gay marriage, and it was only last year that 57 percent of Anchorage voters rejected Proposition 5, a local gay nondiscrimination ordinance. Alaskans aren't anti-gay, but we don't believe gays deserve to be a protected class. And many of us simply don't believe marriage should be a civil right, since we also deny marriage to siblings as well as plural marriage.

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