Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fox News January 2013 Poll Indicates 65 Percent Of Respondents Would Resist Gun Confiscation; Respondents Want Better Enforcement Of Existing Laws First

Fueled by the renewed debate on gun ownership and possession, Fox News decided to take the political pulse of people on gun issues. And according to their poll of 1008 registered voters conducted from January 15-17, 2013, 65 percent of respondents say they would refuse to give up their guns if a confiscation law was passed. Read the full poll output HERE.

Scroll down to page 11 of the output, where you will find the following question asked of those who affirmed that they currently own guns:

"If the government passed a law to take your guns, would you give up your guns or defy the law and keep your guns?"

-- Overall response: 65 percent would defy law
-- Republicans only: 70 percent would defy law
-- Democrats only: 52 percent would defy law
-- Independents only: 73 percent would defy law

It's noteworthy that even a majority of Democrats would resist gun confiscation. The crosstabs also indicate that more men than women would resist confiscation, and more white than non-white. In fact, a majority of EVERY SINGLE DEMOGRAPHIC would resist gun confiscation. This is good news, and indicates that the elite will have to stop short of outright confiscation.

However, the poll indicates that a majority of respondents do recognize that our current laws and applications are deficient and can be fine-tuned, so it is ridiculous to denigrate these people as "gun nuts". Some other hot-button results:

-- 91 percent of respondents support requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers, including those buying at gun shows and private sales.

-- 86 percent support improving enforcement of existing gun laws.

-- 83 percent support requiring mental health checks on all gun buyers.

-- 80 percent support requiring criminal background checks on anyone buying bullets and ammunition.

-- 56 percent support banning high-capacity ammunition clips that can shoot dozens of bullets without stopping to reload.

-- 54 percent support banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

-- 42 percent support allowing teachers and school officials to carry guns on school grounds.

The poll also indicates that the all-out hate campaign waged against the National Rifle Association by hard-line progressive extremists is a failure. Every demographic expresses approval of the NRA except for Democrats (53 percent unfavorable); overall, 56 percent have a favorable opinion of the NRA vs. only 33 percent unfavorable. This indicates the NRA has acted sensibly and correctly in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Nevertheless, Second Amendment advocates aren't taking public opposition to confiscation for granted, since gun control advocates have already staged a march on Washington DC on January 26th. There's a move afoot to organize a national Million Man Armed March on February 8th. The objective is to deploy pro-Second Amendment activists in Washington DC and in each of our 50 state capitols on that day. Activists are encouraged to be in compliance with their respective state laws and federal law before bringing weapons, but those who do not own firearms are encouraged to show their support by bringing toy guns. More on this story later if and when it develops.

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