Monday, December 03, 2012

So Much For The "Ten Percent" Myth; October 2012 Gallup Poll Shows Only 3.4 Percent Of American Respondents Identify As "Gay"

Although the American elite is busily inundating us with pro-gay propaganda and the mass media and entertainment industry projects the impression that America is turning gay, a Gallup poll reported back on October 12th, 2012 indicates this is not the case. In response to the question "Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?" posed to 121,290 respondents between June 1st and September 30th, 2012, only 3.4 percent answered Yes. Both landline and cell phone users were polled. Of course, the national media virtually ignored this story at the time, but the significance is not only that it effectively rebuts the "Ten Percent Myth", but also that this report marks the first step that any national pollster has taken in analyzing the largest population-based survey of LGBT Americans ever conducted.

Some noteworthy sub-demographic variations:

Race: Surprisingly, Blacks are most likely to be gay. Blacks disproportionately voted in favor of California Proposition 8 in 2010, which legally defined marriage as only between one man and one woman.

-- Whites: 3.2 percent
-- Blacks: 4.6 percent
-- Hispanics: 4.0 percent
-- Asians: 4.3 percent

Age: The effects of pro-gay propaganda directed towards our youth, particularly in the form of gay-straight clubs on our high school and middle school campuses, show up in the output. Young people are much more likely to identify as gay. Most disturbingly, in the 18-29 demographic, 8.3 percent of women identify as gay vs. only 4.6 percent of men. The popular culture is suborning our youth and, in particular, targeting our young women.

-- 18 to 29: 6.4 percent
-- 30 to 49: 3.2 percent
-- 50 to 64: 2.6 percent
-- 65+: 1.9 percent

Education analysis shows that those with some college, but not graduates, are most likely to identify as gay. In addition, income analysis shows that the lowest sub-demographic, those earning under $24,000 per year, are also more likely to identify as gay.

Gallup acknowledges that the precise composition of the LGBT community and its meaningful identification is debatable. Measuring sexual orientation and gender identity can be challenging since these concepts involve complex social and cultural patterns. Because of lingering social stigma, many of those who identify as gay may not always be forthcoming about it when asked about it in a survey. Therefore, it's likely that some closeted gay Americans would not be included in the estimates derived from the Gallup interviews.

A follow-up report published by Gallup on October 18th revealed the political affiliations of the gay respondents, and showed that the Republican Party is virtually non-competitive amongst gays:

-- LGBT: 13 percent Republican, 43 percent Independent, and 44 percent Democrat
-- Non-LGBT: 30 percent Republican, 39 percent Independent, and 32 percent Democrat.

I guess the Republicans better build some fancier "log cabins" for the gays. LOL!

Representative of the national gay media is an October 18th report from LGBT Nation, in which commenters express the belief that the 6.9 percent among the 18-29 demographic is more representative of the country as a whole. They claim there are many older Americans who are too closeted to respond affirmatively to an anonymous survey. Yeah, right!

The phenomenal success of the gay lobby in inflating their numbers, exaggerating their influence, and misleading the American people was most recently illustrated in a CBS News Poll which shows that 51 percent of respondents now support gay marriage. There's both a generational and a gender divide; support for gay marriage is strongest among young people and women. This is hardly a life-or-death issue; it's not as if gays are going to drop dead of starvation or be herded into concentration camps if their marriages aren't officially recognized by the state. Many states already permit civil unions, and gay couples can write wills prescribing the disposition of their worldly goods in the event of the death. So gay marriage has become a world-class red herring.

It's even spread outside the United States. A survey taken in New Zealand before the first reading of a gay marriage bill in August 2012 indicated that two-thirds of New Zealand respondents supported their proposed gay marriage law; the bill passed the first reading by an 80-40 margin. So the rot is spreading outward from America to the rest of the world.

So although only 3.4 percent of Americans are gay, 51 percent of Americans support gay marriage. Rarely have so few been able to hornswoggle so many in history.

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