Monday, December 17, 2012

Pro-Life Advocate Abby Johnson Shows That Unborn Babies Are Sentient Beings; Outrage Over The Sandy Hook Massacre Should Be Matched By Outrage Against Elective Abortion

One of the few difficulties in advocating the pro-life position is determining just when a fetus becomes intelligent, or sentient, life. While the mortal tabernacle obviously begins to form from the moment of conception, at what point does it become quickened with intelligent life?

Abby Johnson presents proof, based upon her own personal testimony, that at some point, the fetus does become sentient. And Johnson would know, because she was once on the other side. Johnson was first hired by Planned Parenthood in 2005 and progressed to the position of community services director and health educator, where she served as liaison between the community and Planned Parenthood as media correspondent. She then became the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, but quit and joined Coalition for Life in 2009 after assisting in an abortion.

In a post on her Facebook page in which she decries the inconsistency between the outrage over the massacre of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook massacre and lack of outrage over the genocide of 1.2 million unborn babies each year via elective abortion, Johnson also provides this chilling description as to what she saw while assisting in the abortion:

I watched a child fight for his life in his mother's womb. I watched him curl up his body in an attempt to protect himself from the abortion instrument. I watched him attempt to move away and try to get find a safe place. Then I watched his body twist and turn like you would ring out a dishcloth. I watched his arms and legs detach from his body. I watched as his perfectly formed backbone crumbled underneath the powerful suction.

Johnson does not specify the trimester during which this occurred; based on the experiences of many women, it's believed that the fetus becomes animated by the spirit for whom its intended sometime after the beginning of the second trimester, because it is at this time that most women report feeling their unborn baby kicking and moving for the first time. Nevertheless, her description indicates that the unborn baby is conscious of the threat directed against it, and is actively trying to resist it and evade the instrument of death. This isn't merely instinct; it implies self-directed intelligence.

At the same time, no woman should be coerced into sacrificing her life or health just to bring a baby into this world. This dichotomy is resolved by the position the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a socially conservative denomination, takes on abortion:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes in the sanctity of human life. Therefore, the Church opposes elective abortion for personal or social convenience, and counsels its members not to submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortions.

The Church allows for possible exceptions for its members when:

-- Pregnancy results from rape or incest, or
-- A competent physician determines that the life or health of the mother is in serious jeopardy, or
-- A competent physician determines that the fetus has severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth.

The Church teaches its members that even these rare exceptions do not justify abortion automatically. Abortion is a most serious matter and should be considered only after the persons involved have consulted with their local church leaders and feel through personal prayer that their decision is correct.

The Church has not favored or opposed legislative proposals or public demonstrations concerning abortion.

There is a clear-cut line between therapeutic abortion and elective abortion. Therapeutic abortion can be accepted; elective abortion cannot be tolerated. It is time to present elective abortion exactly as it is -- cold-blooded premeditated murder. Some could even consider it a slow-motion holocaust. The fact that some people might consider this offensive is irrelevant; it is better to risk offending all seven billion of the world's people than to risk offending God. Yet in our opposition to elective abortion, we must remain faithful to the law of the land; we cannot replicate the tactics of James Kopp or Eric Rudolph. Terrorism is not a valid response to genocide.

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