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FBI Releases Statement Describing Exactly How Israel Keyes Kidnapped, Raped, And Murdered Samantha Koenig; Samantha Tried To Fight Back

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Screenshot of Keyes' interrogation
Now that Israel Keyes topped himself in the Anchorage Jail, the information dam has broken and reports about his past are literally pouring out. Investigators previously placed a close hold on information only to keep Keyes talking; there was no desire to hide anything from the public. The FBI has released information about his travels throughout the United States from 2002-2012 in support of his crimes, and on December 4th, released a detailed statement explaining exactly how Keyes kidnapped, raped, and murdered Samantha Koenig on the same day.

In this December 3rd Anchorage Daily News story entitled "Suspected serial killer Israel Keyes traveled US extensively, FBI says", it was disclosed that Keyes may have begun killing people as early as 2001. Keyes would fly to a city, rent a car and drive hundreds if not thousands of miles away, sometimes to kill. He robbed banks and used the money he made as a general contractor to pay for his trips. He traveled extensively from October 2004 until his arrest in Texas in March, according to a timeline released by the FBI. Keyes also buried caches of weapons and other items for use in future crimes, including two specifically identified caches near Eagle River, AK and near the Blake Falls Reservoir in New York. The FBI has since recovered those caches.

Keyes confessed to killing three people -- Samantha Koenig of Anchorage and William and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vt. -- in cases confirmed by authorities, admitted to five additional murders and suggested there were others. At this point, God only knows how many people he killed. The FBI also portrayed Keyes as having a split personality; on a 30-second recording released by the FBI, Keyes reportedly said "There is no one who knows me or who has ever known me who knows anything about me, really. They are going to tell you something that does not line up with anything I tell you because I'm two different people, basically. And the only person who knows about what I'm telling you, the kind of things I'm telling you, is me." When asked how long he had been two people, Keyes reportedly responded "Long time. 14 years." This would explain why the woman with whom Keyes was living was absolutely clueless about his double life.

The December 4th story entitled "Law enforcement agencies release new details of abduction, slaying of Samantha Koenig" includes the FBI statement describing Keyes' crime against Samantha Koenig. In summary, it was a crime of opportunity. Keyes targeted Common Grounds on February 1st because it was open late. After Samantha served him a coffee, Keyes pulled out a gun and demanded money. Samantha complied and then Keyes forced himself inside the coffee stand and tied Samantha's hands with zip ties. Keyes then forcibly walked her out of the coffee stand toward Tudor Road.

Samantha broke away from Keyes and tried to run, but Keyes chased her and tackled her to the ground. He put one arm around her and pointed a gun at her body with the other hand; telling her that she needed to cooperate, that the gun had very quiet ammo and that she should not do anything to make him kill her. Keyes then bound Samantha in the truck and drove away; he had prepped the truck by removing the toolboxes and the license plate.

Keyes then drove to the home of Samantha's boyfriend to retrieve her cell phone; while there, the boyfriend confronted him. But Keyes drove away, taking Samantha to his home, where he raped her inside the shed, turning up a radio to mask the noise. He then asphyxiated her and took off for New Orleans, leaving Samantha's body in the shed until he returned to Anchorage on February 17th. After preparing a bogus ransom note demanding $30,000 and a photo of Samantha being propped up to make it appear she was still alive, Keyes eventually dismembered Samantha's body and transported the parts to Matanuska Lake, then cut a hole in the ice and stuffed her in the lake, where it remained under the ice until found on April 2nd. Meanwhile, Keyes returned to the Lower 48, where he was apprehended in Lufkin, Texas on March 13th.

Some details about Keyes' incarceration have emerged. Keyes was confined to his cell 23 hours a day in a segregation unit that housed around 23 prisoners; a CO checks on each inmate every 30 minutes. But no details have yet been released as to whether this was done, nor have the results of an autopsy been revealed. They do say that Keyes had shown no signs of being suicidal. James Koenig is unhappy about the suicide, and accused the Department of Corrections of dropping the ball.

Alaska Dispatch also has a story, which includes photos of Keyes being interrogated. KTUU Channel 2 also has a story and a non-embeddable video clip of Keyes being interrogated. KTVA Channel 11 also has a video report. Salon has now published a report about Keyes' earlier background; they claim that Keyes was was born in Utah to Mormon parents who purchased rural property in Stevens County, Washington, near the U.S.-Canadian border, when he was a child. They also claim Keyes was exposed to the racist and anti-Semitic beliefs of Christian Identity theology during his childhood, citing the SPLC as a source. However, it doesn't seem this would factor in the murders he committed, since Keyes and his known victims were white.

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