Thursday, December 27, 2012

Alaska Citizens Militia Leader Norm Olson Interviewed By Thomas Morton Of Vice.Com

Screenshot from video: From L to R, Ray Southwell, Norm Olson, and Thomas Morton

Completely by accident, I found a YouTube video showing an interview with Alaska Citizens Militia leader Norm Olson and associate Ray Southwell which was posted on YouTube on November 2nd, 2012, but was actually conducted back in 2010. Olson and Southwell invited the videographer, Thomas Morton, to his home in the Kenai Peninsula to discuss militia issues, showing him a large yarn-bound book of Militia Memories. Although Morton, who is associated with, is not a militia sympathizer by any definition, the video portrays Olson and Southwell exactly as they are; thoughtful, concerned patriots who want Americans to be prepared for the worst. It was first published on under the title "Norm's Militia Scrapbook" under their Americana category:

Despite the video's provocative title, the Alaska Citizens Militia is anything but notorious. During the first five minutes that I viewed, the militia figures patiently explained that the militia is not a command organization, but an information conduit. They do not and cannot give lawful orders such as commanders do in the military. The militia network is ideally small groups of five or so well-known within their individual communities. Their purpose is strictly defensive; to go into action if the infrastructure ever breaks down. The Alaska Citizens Militia website provides more information, and you can read their discussions on their Google Group.

Recent Public Reaction: Some comments posted on the YouTube page:

student4362 December 27th 1:00 P.M:
I agree with adhering to the Constitution and the bill of rights wholeheartedly, but I feel it would do american militias some real good to participate in humanitarian efforts, like the masons. This would help place them in a better light in the eyes of the public. It's just my opinion. I am not a militia member and never will be, but that does not mean that I think the presence of well regulated (lawabiding) militias are not important. It is important to practice our rights, but lets do it with...???

kenji palmira December 26th 5:00 P.M:
we need our rights back, and the people who elect people to represent us are the idiots, every step of the way lawful citezens are loosing all their rights to a government that just wants us to submit to them as if we had no rights, the constituion of the united states no longer applies to the thugs in washington, we will all be criminals in the eyes of the law makers, we need more milita to stand up for the people that cant defend them selves from the brutality of power hungry authoritys.

timos591 December 25th:
Only until the people rising against the tryranny of our own government group together and get rid of this social economic bipartiasinship. We are all humans, we aren't white, black, hispanic, asian. Human. Government was created by those who seeked to oppose there views on the people for there on self indulgences. Make friends with your neighboors, get involved in your community. Cause when all this around you is in shambles, "we" will be the ones to bring each other together...

TheGlobalish December 23rd:
Look at what the U.S government did in regards to the dismatling of the Black Panther party, and that was a small organization as compared to other U.S militias.. I'm a black man, and understand that militias have an important in maintaining an equalizing force in regards to freedom in America, regardless of some of the racist ideology within some militia's.

Joe Schmitz December 22nd:
The shame is, you can tell that those men are honest, legitimate people trying to defend freedom, yet they're so demonized by the media. A house divided cannot stand


  1. inside every militia group is an FBI informant waiting to sell you out once he convinces you to do something illegal.

  2. a true Patriot, I salute you Norm Olson.

  3. @ student4362 December 27th 1:00 P.M:,