Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally, An Alaska Media Outlet Covers The Alaska Secession Petition Campaign; KTOO Does The Cherry Story

National media and various state and local media have been busily covering the secession petition campaign launched through the White House "We The People" website. Some examples: WBIR reports that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam does not support his state's petition, and Texas Governor Rick Perry has also dissociated himself from the Texas campaign. The Washington Post also did a story.

But from the Alaska media -- dead silence. Until November 14th, 2012, when KTOO did the cherry story. Of course, KTOO reported on the primary petition launched by Paul M. of Anchorage. Out of 25,000 signatures required to trigger an official White House response, 6668 have been obtained as of November 14th at 2:03 PM Alaska time. The link:

Links to every state's petition are available on my previous post.

However, KTOO reports that a second Alaska petition has been launched by Matthew G from Palmer. That petition can be viewed HERE, and currently has 1415 signatures as of the same time. There is currently no timeline on when the White House might respond to the petitions, however the White House did tell ABC News that it will review and respond to the petitions that obtained enough signatures.

But the We The People website says that creating a duplicate or similar petition will make it harder to get an official response, and recommends the public sign and help promote the one that has already been created. Thus, with all due respect to Matthew, I recommend signing ONLY THE PETITION created by Paul, and NOT the second petition.

Support for both the Anchorage petition and the Palmer petition has been expressed on the Alaska Citizens Militia Google group. The Alaska Citizens Militia also has an interesting post from a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer that states that Obama ordered Eric Holder to sick the FBI on Petraeus to find dirt to blackmail him into submission and silence. The CIA position was given to Petraeus to insure his cooperation and silence---so Obama thought. Petraeus was battling with the Obama Administration while still in uniform over Obama's handling of Afghanistan.

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