Thursday, November 01, 2012

Alaska Public Safety Coalition Awards A Potpourri Of 2012 Legislative Candidate Endorsements On Both Sides Of The Aisle

The Alaska Public Safety Coalition has decided to weigh in with their own batch of legislative endorsements. The top contributors to the Coalition are the Public Safety Employees Association, the Alaska Correctional Officers Association, the Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association, and the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association. Former Alaska Democratic Party Chairman Jake Metcalfe is the executive director.

Yet despite the presence of Democrats in prominent roles, the Alaska Public Safety Coalition crossed party lines frequently on their legislative endorsements. Of the 18 candidates endorsed, nine are Republicans and eight are Democrats, with one independent who says he was once a Republican. Legislative experience counts; 15 of the endorsees are incumbents, and Gabrielle LeDoux once represented Kodiak in the State House. Only Click Bishop and Ron Devon have no prior legislative experience:

Alaska State Senate:

-- District A: Joe Thomas (D) over John Coghill (R)
-- District B: Joe Paskvan (D) over Pete Kelly (R)
-- District C: Click Bishop (R) over Anne Sudkamp (D)
-- District G: Bill Wielechowski (D) over Bob Roses (R)
-- District J: Hollis French (D) over Bob Bell (R)
-- District K: Lesil McGuire (R) over Roselynn Cacy (D)
-- District L: Kevin Meyer (R) over Jacob Hale (D)
-- District N: Ron Devon (Ind) over Cathy Giessel (R)
-- District R: Gary Stevens (R) over Robert J. Henrichs (D)

Alaska State House:

-- District 2: Bob Miller (D) over Tammie Wilson (R)
-- District 4: Scott Kawasaki (D) over David Pruhs (R)
-- District 13: Gabrielle LeDoux (R) over Kay Rollinson (D) and Barbara Bachmeier (Write-In)
-- District 20: Mia Costello (R) over Michelle Scannell (D)
-- District 21: Craig Johnson (R) over Jodie S. Dominguez (D)
-- District 22 (mistakenly labeled District 29 at the source): Chris Tuck (D) over Lisa Vaught (R)
-- District 23: Bob Lynn (R) over Lupe Marroquin (D)
-- District 25: Pete Petersen (D) over Lance Pruitt (R)
-- District 27: Mike Hawker (R), unopposed

Candidates earning the Alaska Public Safety Coalition endorsement seem to have two things in common; first, they're strong on law and order, and second, they favor optimal funding for public safety. For example, Hollis French may be an anathema in many other areas, but he's always been strong on law and order. Note that all of the Republicans earning an endorsement tend to be right-of-center Republicans rather than hard-right Republicans like Don Smith, for example. None of the Republicans listed earned a pro-life endorsement except for Gabrielle LeDoux, who was endorsed by Alaska Right To Life.

It is somewhat mystifying that the Coalition awarded no endorsements to any rural candidates. This would seem to be important considering that two of the state's largest prisons, Spring Creek and Lemon Creek, are both outside the Railbelt, and that rural Alaska has been plagued by inattention to the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) program.

References for other PAC endorsements:

-- Prosperity Alaska.
-- IBEW and Teamsters
-- Alaska Family Council
-- Alaska Right To Life and Planned Parenthood

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  1. Also, Kevin Meyer was endorsed by AKRTL.