Friday, October 05, 2012

Two Men Arrested And Charged With Felony Sexual Assault After Allegedly Anally Raping Drunk Teen With Beer Bottle At House Party In Homer, Alaska

Update October 10th: Judge Margaret Murphy imposed multiple bail conditions upon Anthony and Joseph Resetarits during a bail hearing on October 9th; updated post HERE.

Two men from Homer, Alaska have been arrested and charged with second degree sexual assault. Twenty-year old Anthony Resetarits and 18-year-old Joseph Resetarits allegedly anally raped a drunk man with a beer bottle during a large party which took place at a private residence in Homer on September 8th, 2012; news accounts indicate Anthony may have been the instigator. The original and most detailed story was published by the Homer News; additional stories now published by the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Dispatch, and KTUU Channel 2, with input from two official two-page charging documents. This post combines and summarizes the most pertinent information from each source.

Summary: Anthony Resetarits and his younger brother Joseph were among a group of as many as 80 people at a large juvenile party at an East End Road home in Homer on September 8th. It appears that only a small number of the guests were originally invited, but a number of additional people crashed the party. The party was being nominally supervised by Eric Olsen, the owner of the home and the father of one of the partygoers. The boy who became the victim arrived at the party around 10:00 P.M. and began drinking heavily; he soon passed out. Eric Olsen reported he had gone to sleep beforehand and was unaware of any underage drinking until he found the alcohol containers the next morning.

After the victim passed out, multiple people wrote on the boy's body with a marker; Anthony Resetarits shaved an "M" into the victim's hair. Anthony then sexually assaulted the victim with a 12-ounce Alaska White beer bottle, inserting the entire neck of the bottle into the victim's anus. Anthony then wound up and hit the bottle, causing it to go deeper. Immediately afterwards, Joseph pushed on the bottle itself. Several partygoers were taking pictures of the action. Shortly thereafter, the party broke up, and the victim, who was still unconscious, was transported to his mother. He was subsequently transported to South Peninsula Hospital for treatment, and on September 10th, a nurse reported the suspected sexual assault to police.

Police began an investigation, and charges of second degree sexual assault, a Class B Felony, were filed. On October 4th, Joseph Resetarits was arrested in Anchorage, and Anthony Resetarits was arrested in Anchorage, both without resistance. The investigation continues, and there may be other charges filed. A bail hearing for both is scheduled for October 8th. Pertinent links from the Alaska Court System database and the charging documents are posted below:

-- Anthony Resetarits, Case No. 3HO-12-00443CR: If you view the portal page under his name, you'll note that Anthony has a past record of other offenses, mostly traffic-related offenses. These include three speeding charges and one minor consuming alcohol charge.

-- Joseph Resetarits, Case No. 3HO-12-00442CR. The portal page under his name indicates no prior offenses.

-- Anthony Resetarits charging document HERE.

-- Joseph Resetarits charging document HERE.

Immediate Consequences: Joseph Resetarits, who was also a member of the Homer High School football team, has been suspended by his coach just before a critical playoff game against Thunder Mountain. In addition, 14 other student athletes who were at the party were suspended for violating Alaska Student Activities Association rules for being at a party where alcohol was served.

Reaction: Very strong public reaction against the Resetarits brothers has been posted on all the media sites. Some are questioning the actions of the kids' parents. Many want these two clowns put on the sex offenders registry if convicted. It would be appropriate to put them on the registry for at least five years after imprisonment just to drive home the message that you don't put bottles up peoples' asses, not even as an initiation or any other type of joke. Sexual assault is no laughing matter.

Even before the arrests were announced, the Homer News published a powerful editorial on October 3rd denouncing the incidence of teenage drinking and adult binge drinking in the community. They noted that a recent report released by the Homer Prevention Project showed that 46 percent of Homer Police arrests involve alcohol and 47 percent of all assault cases reported to troopers also involve alcohol. They call for adults to personally set a better example on the responsible use of alcohol. But they also recommend that people refrain from speculating and spreading inflammatory rumors.

Should Eric Olsen, as the homeowner, be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors? I find it difficult to believe that Eric Olsen actually slept through this party; I don't see how anyone could sleep through such a racket. But assuming that Mr. Olsen is telling the truth, prosecutors should investigate to determine if he can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, or any similar charge. If you invite teenagers over to your home to party, you SUPERVISE the event; you DO NOT go to sleep and hope for the best. I don't recommend a felony charge, but a misdemeanor charge accompanied by six months in jail and a $1,000 fine would drive the lesson home without impinging upon Mr. Olsen's future employability.



  2. that is some bullshit. that father should be held accountable for every single incident that happened under his roof. I graduated the same class that Anthony did. He should not have been at that party,a highschool party. First fuck up. And every choice after that he should be held full responsability for. Some things are just too much and have went too far. Homer is not a town that has partys that torment and bully young kids.

    1. I agree with the poster on 10/10/12. The comment on 10/06 was reprehensible and unacceptable. I only recently moved to Homer, and only now learned of this unfortunate, abominable occurrence. I do not know what eventually happened with the case, at this moment, but I can only pray for the harshest possible punishment for both brothers, and also for the father. Yes, giving a party for teens, and then going to sleep is completely irresponsible, and his sleep is notwithstanding to the level of his responsibility for what happened under his roof. The father appears irresponsible, and should most certainly pay to society for his deplorable choice in going to bed, turning his back on the kids, and hoping for the best. This is just a horrendous story, and my heart breaks for the mother of the victim, and the victim. People can be permanently damaged, physically, and even become suicidal after such horrific sexual assaults. I also agree with another comment that the other party attendees all should be punished, or sued as well. Being kicked off the football team does not even begin to address the level of punishment those depraved brothers, and their useless father seem to deserve.