Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Sexualization Of America: Lena Dunham Cuts Sleazy, Sexually-Charged Campaign Video For Barack Obama

Lena Dunham is a typical 20-something airhead American chick who thinks her shit doesn't stink because she's some hotshot Hollywood star and has a hideous tattoo on her right shoulder. So she decided to cut a promo for the Barack Obama campaign -- a promo that reeks of sleazy, sexually-charged come-ons. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dunham begins her pitch with this incredibly disgusting line: "Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. It should be with a guy with beautiful … somebody who really cares about and understands women". Breitbart has the full written transcript of the text.

My God, she sounds like a stereotypical Valley Girl (San Fernando Valley, not Mat-Su Valley). Gag me with a spoon! Of course, she does launch into a litany of reasons for supporting Obama — health care, birth control, gay rights, women’s rights, etc, etc, — and ends with a clear pitch to get the 18-to-29 demographic to the polls. But God Almighty, she just set back women's rights 20 years. How does a real man take an airhead bimbo like that seriously? Wikipedia reveals she may have gotten her sexual liberalism from her father, Carroll Dunham, who is a painter of "overtly sexualised pop art."

Update October 27th: In reaction to the outrage over her video, Lena Dunham found the uproar pretty amusing. "It tickles me to no end that while my twitter feed was blowing up with conservative hate," she wrote in a tweet on Friday October 26th, "I was literally hanging out in a pile of bisexuals." No surprise she was hanging out with bisexuals; no real man would want her.

This hyper-sexualization needs to stop. We've seen it up here in Alaska, with Michelle Scannell using a fellatio reference on Twitter to describe House District 20 opponent Mia Costello's negotiating style. It's about time we all started getting a bit more judgmental -- quit apologizing for our principles, quit fighting with one hand tied behind our backs, and start taking the culture war to the enemy and occupying their turf for a change. We're going to have to risk pissing people off -- lots of people, since many know nothing different when it comes to culture. The choice is simple -- will we slink off to the great and spacious building with the losers, or hold on to the iron rod with the winners?

Comments appended to various sources indicate Dunham's effort crashed and burned. Even some 20-somethings expressed disgust. Some examples (after the jump):

conservativemama October 25th 10:24 PM (C4P):
As I wrote over at Breitbart, my 22 year old daughter watched this, rolled her eyes in disgust and walked away.

Let me say that my daughter is a recent graduate of an exceedingly liberal private college in Massachusetts. I cannot emphasize enough how liberal that school is, but let me add that she entered a conservative and remained a conservative. And truly, she loved her school and it was a good fit. She enjoys an intellectual challenge.

And let me say that those young women represented by Ms. Dunham are not that happy. And for all their freedom when it comes to sex, they so want to be cared for, loved, respected, and committed to one man. Sadly, many of them have been raised by liberal parents, no real values or boundaries and so they're lost in the world of male-female relationships. It's as if no one taught them how to value themselves and then sent them out in the world with no guidance at all. I heard many stories about these girls over the last 4 years. Sad.

Teach your girls to value themselves. If they know their worth, they will demand a man who deserves all that they have to give.

At least, that's what's happened in my house. So far. 2 more girls to finish raising.

Hefmier October 26th 12:44 AM (C4P):
She might as well have used the analogy of bending over and grabbing her ankles, as that is what she is really doing.

Mongoose34 | 3 hours ago (EW):
Having class and holding your self with the respect and decency of the POTUS are different issues. The shock in this ad is that Obama demeans women's votes to their vaginas as if their thought on the economy, 12% unemployment for women, and our ridiculous foreign policies are not things they should consider... Just their sexuality and body parts. I have daughters too and I am sickened at this insinuation and thought he would stoop this low. Lost my vote.

JanieG | 3 hours ago (EW):
This Obama campaign ad is degrading to women. Let's get the young female vote by telling them to vote and relate it to a sexual experience.... think of Obama, doing it the first time.

Well, we see how the Obama/campaign look at women... just a piece of a$$. Wow. Let's don't talk to young female voters with an intelligent message... let's talk to them like they're horney females. And if they are horney females, they will fall for the message that Obama is looking out for them with abortion rights and paid for birth control. Now get out there and go screw the world! Gee, thanks Mr. President.


  1. Lena Dunham is a ugly dwarf slime bag khazarkike neanderthal who is regurgitating bolshevik verbal flatus hoping that the unthinking with paralysing brains will buy into the communist geriatric fart.



  3. Anonymous 3:57 A.M. -- In your rant, you did bring out a verifiable point; according to the Wikipedia reference, Dunham's mother is Jewish, which makes Dunham a Jew by definition (Israel's Law of Return). But she's one of those secular progressive Jews who votes reflexively for Democrats and who dominates the media and the entertainment industry.

    There are Jews like Debbie Schlussel and the Mad Jewess who oppose this type of rubbish.

  4. Frankly, I think we all need to be FAR LESS judgmental! When did America become such finger-pointers? I seriously wish all people would stand in front of their mirrors and look closely. Does anyone truly see perfection in their reflection?

    Yeah, didn't think so.

    We have more information and yet less knowledge than I can remember, and I'm old! I'm so sick of the nonstop propaganda that really says a big fat nothing about anyone, and I include this piece. It's an OPINION and we all know what those are like and how many of us have them, just like ... I think you get the drift.

    Is anyone even a tad bit humble anymore?

    I'm going Anonymous on this reply simply because I do not want to read all the whining and moaning about how "YOU" are not like that. You are, and I had become that way myself until just recently. Enough!

    It's time to go back to the days of greater civility and less self-righteous naming and blaming. When you figure out how to BE perfect, clue us all in - until then, shaddupaboutit!


  5. Anonymous10/26/2012 11:12 PM

    What in the hell are you rambling about?

    Do you have ANY idea what kind of world you are living in and who is running this nut house?

    If you are on prozac I strongly advice you to throw them in the garbage and plant your feet on the ground.

    And please stop watching the idiot box unless you enjoy eating mental shit.

  6. Well, this girl Lena Dunham is ugly. So she found a place with other ugly people. Ok, look at Nancy Peloci, Hillary Clinton, Debbi Washerman Schultz, the women of NBC and CNN, I mean come on here, they are no FOX ladies! So the little Lena fits right in and they dote on their own. Lena gets some point while she is young, but wait a year, ugly lib girls all go to pot before 25, and being kinda ugly and tattooed up like she is, she could go as far as say, Maud, or The Golden Girls, or Christine from Seingeld (boy she really tanked) and fit right in. Remember, ugly Betty had to work pretty hard to make herself look ugly because ugly is in with the libs, and she became a hit, but Lina, she can sing the good old Buck Owens song, and all she has to do is act naturally!

    Look at all the shows of the past that catered to real Americans. The Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazard, Bionic Wonan, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, or Guilligan's Island, I Dream of Geanie, Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies, The Big Valley, The Nanny, Happy Days, Livern and Shirley, or That Girl. The women were all good looking. Now look at what we have, dikes like Lina Dunham. It is a sad sad day indeed.