Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Revolving Door Justice: Career Criminal Mark R. Leroux Arrested In Fairbanks, Charged With Assault And Kidnapping Of Girlfriend

If you live in Alaska and you agree to go out on a date with another Alaskan, you might want to type the person's name into the Alaska Court System database before showing up for the date. A woman in Fairbanks failed to do so, and after dating Mark R. Leroux for three weeks, now has injuries to her face including a black eye, a bite mark on her cheek, many other scrapes and bruises on her neck and lower back, and has also lost considerable amounts of hair. Had she checked Leroux's court records, she would have found he was a career criminal with numerous incidences of domestic violence and related offenses over a 23-year period dating back to 1989.

According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, the unidentified woman, who had been Mark Leroux's girlfriend for three weeks, said she and Leroux had been drinking beer together and Leroux was smoking spice at a South Fairbanks motel room. She said she had a seizure, and after recovering, Leroux became upset. He allegedly yelled a racial epithet at her and proceeded to choke her with both hands until she saw spots in her vision. At that point, motel management evicted the couple for making too much noise.

The couple walked eight blocks to a home on the 2300 block of 23rd Avenue. During the walk, Leroux allegedly pushed her down, hit her, occasionally dragged her by her hair. The woman said the assault continued inside the home for several hours on Saturday October 20th before she managed to escape; she ran outside without shoes or coat in single-digit temperatures and was taken to the hospital by a bystander she encountered at the Holiday Station. After she filed a complaint with police, they arrested Leroux. He's been charged with the following (Case No. 4FA-12-03211CR):

-- Assault 2 - Serious Injury, Reckless
-- Assault 2 - Serious Injury, Repeated
-- Kidnapping - For Ransom

A preliminary hearing has been set for November 1st. But the real story may be his criminal past. Leroux has 36 entries under his name in the Alaska Court System database, so many that it requires two screenshots to display the list:

Part 1 - Click to enlarge or go HERE for original

Part 2 - Click to enlarge or go HERE for original

This is one of the most flagrant examples of revolving door justice I've ever seen, and represents an epic fail of the Alaska justice system. With a record like this, there's no way this creep should even be out on the street. If he's found guilty this time, Leroux needs to go away for a LONG Time -- at least 20 years in Spring Creek. His record indicates an absolute inability to control his emotions or impulses -- he represents a continuing danger to the community.

Instead, we put away patriots like Coleman Barney for three years simply for opposing the federal government. Of course, the state of Alaska was not responsible for that parody of justice, but it shows how bass-ackwards our system of justice continues to be.

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