Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homer District Court Judge Margaret Murphy Imposes Multiple Bail Conditions Upon Anthony And Joseph Resetarits

Both the Homer Tribune and the Homer News report that Homer District Judge Margaret Murphy has imposed multiple bail conditions upon Anthony and Joseph Resetarits during a bail hearing on October 9th, 2012. The brothers are charged with felony second-degree sexual assault to include penetration of an incapacitated person; the details of the crime are spelled out in this previous post.

Conditions for each defendant include:

-- Cash performance bond of $5,000.
-- 24-hour sight and sound third party custodian.
-- No contact with the victim.
-- No contact between the brothers.
-- Supervised cell phone use only.
-- No Internet except for Joseph, who can access the web for home schooling purposes.
-- No contact with the high school.
-- The men cannot consume alcohol and alcohol cannot be present in the homes.
-- The men cannot leave Alaska without the permission of the court.

Anthony will stay with his mother, Maria Santa Lucia, at a friend's home on the Homer Spit or in Sterling, and Joseph will stay with his father, Douglas Resetarits, at his Fairview Avenue home. Santa Lucia runs a bed and breakfast and an assisted living home, but she will not stay at those businesses with Anthony. Murphy also approved alternate custodians.

Update October 15th: A third person has now been arrested. On Sunday October 14th, Alaska State Troopers arrested a 16-year-old Homer boy and charged him with second-degree sexual assault. The teen, who has not been publicly identified because he is a minor, was taken to the Kenai Youth Facility.

Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Lawson argued that the severity of the case requires restrictions on the Internet, cell phone use and contact with one another. Judge Murphy agreed that the brothers are likely more dangerous together than apart to the community. The victim’s mother also argued that the defendants have too much power over other youth, and said her son is so devastated by the incident that he has moved out of state. But Joseph's defense attorney Bill Taylor and Anthony's defense attorney Phillip Weidner argued neither youth has a criminal record and are innocent until proven guilty. Anthony is a biology major at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), and Joseph is still a senior at Homer High, although he was immediately suspended from the football team after his arrest on October 4th.

Alaska Court System records indicate the next scheduled hearing for the two will take place on October 25th. Anthony's record is designated Case No. 3HO-12-00443CR, and Joseph's record is designated Case No. 3HO-12-00442CR

During a community meeting on October 4th before 500 people, Homer High Principal Allan Gee assured the audience that the actions of the two brothers were not typical of Homer High students. He noted that Homer High ranked second highest in Standardized Test Scores in the state, out of 277 schools, and of their 404 students, more than 40 percent are involved in activities. Kenai Peninsula Borough Superintendent Steve Atwater, the runner-up in the recent Anchorage School District superintendent search, noted that Homer has the lowest number of offenses in the school district, which leads him to conclude that teens in Homer are, by-and-large, behaving well. He said he has been in touch with Gee throughout the process, and noted that despite stress, the principal has handled it well. The case has now received international publicity in the Daily Mail.


  1. I don't believe for one minute that almost half of that school's population is involved in extracurricular activities and for sure, I do not believe those test scores accurately portray the real intellectual capabilities of HHS students.

    Something is not right in that bayside village high school! There have been other situations that were quietly hushed up and not so very long ago either. Are the tenured teachers showing HHS kids to act like lying politicians? Never confess, just wait and see if you get caught.

    If there were about 20 teens at that party, and they all watched and laughed then WHERE ARE THEY?
    Obviously, high testing scores do not reflect good ethics in Homer. Shame on them! If they do this and get away with it, what kind of adults do you think they will be?

    WOULD YOU WANT ANY OF THOSE YOUNG ADULTS TO GRADUATE AND HANDLE YOUR HEALTHCARE OR BANKING? By the time they are that old, trustworthiness is part and parcel of their psychological makeup. Scary thought, isn't it?

  2. I agree, where are the kids with the pictures and videos? Why aren't they accountable. Judge Murphy... she is biased and arrogant when it comes to assault, the victim will once again be victimized with her as the judge, as we have seen in previous cases in her courtroom.