Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boy Scout Perversion Files Illustrate Why The Boy Scouts Should Continue To Exclude Gays From Their Ranks

The release of the Boy Scout perversion files, as spearheaded by the Los Angeles Times, has aroused considerable indignation. Alaskans are just as put out as anyone else. To this Alaska Dispatch story was appended the following comment:

by akmediascope | October 19, 2012 - 12:38pm:
No longer can crime hide behind sanitized organizations. The Sandusky conviction gave us this new era of NO MORE DENIAL. My brother's eagle scout pin was pinned on my mother when she was buried in Indiana 1964. The Boy Scouts meant so much to my family. So now I am saying CLEAN IT UP AMERICA -- this is another historical and present tragedy. Realization and restitution must be made. Crimes must be prosecuted and the story must be revealed so it can never happen again. Children and animals are the easiest victims. They are defenseless. Let's give them defenses, child training in self protection upon entering cub scouts and BSA. They and their parents need to know what inappropriate behavior is and that it is a crime. It is so sad, in particular because Boy Scouts of America has been so exclusionary of Gays and athiesm. BSA, I am so glad that this organization has been exposed for the hipocracy and evil it perpetuated. SO BSA, wash your dirty hands. Change it up to a safe , responsible and monitored program. MAke your volunteers selection process effective NOW! Inappropriate behaviors with young people is not acceptable and is subject to PROSECUTION and should be PROSECTUED! Mormon sanctioned doesn't mean a thing. Crime is crime.

Note the irony. The person rigorously and justifiably condemns the Boy Scouts reluctance to confront the problem squarely, yet at the same time also condemns the Boy Scouts for excluding gays.

What do you think male-on-male sex is? Homosexuality. These Scout leaders weren't really pedophiles, not if you define a pedophile as someone who has sex with a pre-pubescent child. The vast majority of the victims, while still kids, had already reached puberty. This means the line between homosexuality and pedophilia became blurred. Consequently, these Scout leaders were actually homosexual predators.

Yet some people still condemn the Boy Scouts for excluding gays. This sordid record of abuse indicates exactly why the Boy Scouts need to continue excluding gays, at least those who are openly gay and are making no effort to overcome it. While most gays do not exploit kids, homosexuals by their very nature are predisposed towards male-on-male sex. And youth tends to be at a premium in the gay community, much more so than it is among straights. So to allow openly gay people, particularly adults, into the Boy Scouts would be like sitting a starving man down in front of a Thanksgiving feast.

Jewish blogger Debbie Schlussel clearly understands the problem and expresses herself most eloquently:

...If this isn’t a stark argument against having gay scout leaders, I don’t know what is. Clearly, these men were gay, and they took advantage of young boys who were under their care, scarring them psychologically (and some physically) forever. And yet, despite all this, gay activists keep fighting for the right to become scout leaders and several charities and organizations have shunned the Boy Scouts for refusing to allow it. Ask yourself this: how many straight men are among the 1,200-plus scout leaders who’ve sexually abused and molested Boy Scouts for several decades? The men were all gay, thus the sex with kids of the same sex. They lied about or hid being gay to become scout leaders, but the fact remains that they were gay. If you had a young son, would you entrust him to the care of a gay scout leader to spend the night? Would you trust him alone for the night with Michael Jackson (were he still alive)? Same difference (and perhaps worse). It’s that obvious. 1,200 Jerry Sanduskys who abused many more scouts. And all of these scout leaders were gay. Straight men don’t engage in same-sex molestation.

Perhaps Schlussel goes a bit too far in claiming that all the offending Scout leaders were gay, since this also involves exploitation of those considered less powerful and more vulnerable. But since it involves male-on-male sex, it's legitimate to presume most of them had homosexual tendencies. That's why, until the Boy Scouts can prove that they have brought this problem under control, they must continue to exclude openly-gay people from their ranks.

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