Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anna Fairclough Exposes The Alaska State Senate Bi-Partisan Majority Working Group As Nothing More Than A Democratic Party Operation


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The so-called Alaska State Senate Bi-Partisan Majority Working Group has been highly touted and fervently defended by Democratic candidates during this election cycle as being effective and promoting dialogue. Of course, there is good reason for Democratic enthusiasm -- it is, for all intents and purposes, a Democratic operation. The State Senate is ruled by Democrats.

How so? The State Senate is currently split 10-10 between the two parties. To minimize deadlocks, 10 Democrats and 6 Republicans formed this so-called "coalition". However, not only is it dominated by Democrats, but as is pointed out in the description of this video, all the major committee chairmanships are held by Democrats. Furthermore, many of these committee chairs, most notably Hollis French, have used their positions to bury pro-development legislation regardless of its merit. Rep. Anna Fairclough, the Republican who's challenging Democratic Senator Bettye Davis in the Senate District M race, explains how many of the Democratic Senators are gatekeepers for Barack Obama's anti-development agenda in the video embedded below:

On Restoring Liberty, Joe Miller lists the "gatekeepers". In order of virulence, they are Hollis French, Joe Paskvan, Bettye Davis, and Bill Wielechowski. Also pictured in the video are Senators Johnny Ellis and Joe Thomas. While the defeat of Hollis French is absolutely vital to Alaska's future, the defeat of the others would also be helpful. Anna Fairclough has an excellent chance of defeating Bettye Davis, since the new Senate District M is more conservative than Davis' old district. You can review Rep. Fairclough's voting record and special interest group support at her VoteSmart portal.

And what about Bettye Davis? As a leading advocate of Planned Parenthood in Alaska, she's posted attacks on Alaskan politicians friendly to the Right to Life movement on her website, suggesting they are part of the war on women. You can also review her voting record and special interest group support at her own VoteSmart portal. However, Bettye Davis is also the only Black member of the state legislature, and a video has surfaced showing a clip that indicates a preoccupation with race by Sen. Davis. The implication is that Sen. Davis is a closet anti-White racist. This video has no connection with the Fairclough campaign; it was posted by 147DegreesWest, who has a separate blog HERE:

Prosperity Alaska presents a good comparison between Fairclough and Davis HERE; in addition, both were recently interviewed on KTVA Channel 11. The evidence is overwhelming; Anna Fairclough would be a much better choice for the State Senate than Bettye Davis, who's been there for far too long.

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