Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alaska House District 20 Race Turns Sleazy As Democrat Michelle Scannell Uses Fellatio Reference To Describe Republican Mia Costello's Negotiating Style

Michelle Scannell, the Democratic candidate for Alaska's House District 20, has not been the most principled candidate in the 2012 Alaska legislative races. Back in August, she teamed up with Tamara Von Gemmingen, a Republican challenger to Republican incumbent Mia Costello, to falsely accuse Costello of not being a resident of District 20. The two hoodwinked every local media outlet except Alaska Dispatch.

At the time, the two claimed that Costello's listed District 20 address at 5512 Yukon Charlie Loop was just for show, and that Costello really lived at 2100 Esquire Drive in House District 19. Boy, did they get punked when Costello allowed reporters to check her Yukon Charlie Loop home, which clearly showed she and her family were living there. Costello actually rents out her Esquire Drive home to Will Vandergriff, the state Republican House Majority spokesman. Ultimately, Costello brushed aside Von Gemmingen in the August Republican primary with 81 percent of the vote.

Now Michelle Scannell has gone into sleaze mode. KTVA Channel 11 reports that one of Scannell's Tweets has attracted attention. It seems she used a fellatio reference to describe Mia Costello's negotiating style. So far, she has not deleted the Tweet, but here's a screenshot:

On the surface, this may seem nitnoid, but if you review her other Tweets, you'll find that Scannell frequently uses syntax inconsistent with the dignity one would expect of a state legislator. It's hard to believe this woman is married with children, but when you consider she was born in Texas, you can understand her lack of class and dignity. Texans are not exactly renowned for excelling in the social graces. Some of us also still consider it unladylike for a woman to publicly muse about fellatio.

It's too bad, because Michelle Scannell has some ideas worthy of serious consideration. She complains about the state legislature spending money like drunken sailors, which is true. She also objects to intrusive behavior by TSA. She also favors tougher legislation to bring down domestic violence and sexual assault. But Mia Costello is stronger on economic issues; she understands that Big Oil needs more financial incentives to promote further exploration and recovery. Having personally been a crime victim, Costello is also strong on law and order. And Costello is explicitly pro-life and pro-family, having been one of the primary sponsors of the parental notification initiative in 2010. Costello summarizes her legislative record HERE.

Although Michelle Scannell does have ideas worthy of consideration, her failure to do her homework on Costello's residence shows an impulsive streak which could hurt her constituents. Her personal dignity is also a bit lacking. House District 20 does not deserve to be represented by a Sarah Silverman or a Kathy Griffin wannabe. They deserve two more years of the proven Mia Costello.


  1. Michelle Scannell???

    I believe I remember her being a nude dancer when she was in her late teens. Could be wrong but I never forget a face.

  2. Maybe you saw her in Texas, because she didn't move up here until 2006.

    Besides, I'm not too concerned about what she might have done in her teens. We all did dumb shit when we were teenagers. Goes with the territory.