Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alaska Family Council Awards Endorsements Of Legislative Candidates For The 2012 General Election

The Alaska Family Council is making up for lost time. They've now awarded endorsements to a number of candidates deemed sufficiently pro-family and pro-life, and have posted this information on their Facebook page. The endorsements are based mostly upon information candidates supplied prior to the August primary election for the Council's 2012 Value Voters Guide, which is now accessible HERE without having to send them your personal information in advance.

When viewing the Value Voters Guide, note that while a few Republican candidates failed to respond, not a single Democratic candidate could be bothered to respond to their survey. Perhaps the Democrats decided they didn't have a chance to secure an endorsement from the Council because they're all pro-choice, but they forgot that they have pro-life constituents in their districts who consult this guide. This can and should come back to bite the Democrats on the ass on November 6th.

Now for the endorsements. Candidates' names hot-linked to their campaign websites:

-- Senate District A (Fairbanks): Republican John Coghill endorsed over Democrat Joe Thomas. For 14 years, Coghill has been a conservative advocate for Interior Alaska, fighting for individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. He has been repeatedly elected with the focus of pursuing sound economics, constitutional rule of law, and standing up for those who have no voice – whether unborn, ill or elderly. Former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has added his own endorsement, stating that Coghill has "been an effective advocate for conservative social issues such as liberty, life, limited government, and school choice". In contrast, Thomas not only failed to return the AFA survey, but doesn't even address social issues on his campaign website except to state that he has worked to strengthen charter schools, an example of increasing choice in education.

-- Senate District B (Fairbanks): Republican Pete Kelly endorsed over Democrat Joe Paskvan. Kelly describes himself as unapologetically pro-life and pledges to vote against any expansion of abortions and for increased restriction on abortions. Kelly pulls no punches on this issue, describing abortion as an "American Holocaust". Kelly also supports the traditional definition of marriage. In contrast, Paskvan not only failed to return the AFA survey, but doesn't even address social issues on his campaign website.

-- Senate District G (Anchorage): Republican Bob Roses endorsed over Democrat Bill Wielechowski. A former member of the State House (2007-2008), Roses cosponsored legislation to require parental notification before a minor's abortion. He also voted for legislation to ban partial birth abortion. Roses provided solidly pro-life and pro-family answers on his AFA candidate survey. In contrast, Wielechowski has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, which has constantly opposed any limits on abortion, to include requiring parents to be notified before their daughter has an abortion. Wielechowski was too contemptuous of his pro-life constituents to bother returning the AFA survey.

-- Senate District J (Anchorage): Republican Bob Bell endorsed over Democrat Hollis French. Bob Bell has been a consistent conservative voice on many issues for many years; he completed the AFA candidate survey and gave solidly pro-life and pro-family responses on all questions. In contrast, Hollis French couldn't be bothered to return the survey, and has gone out of his way to ensure that the Senate becomes a graveyard for all pro-life and pro-family bills.

It's possible the Alaska Family Council will extend additional endorsements, particularly for House candidates; keep an eye on their Facebook page. Update October 25th: Alaska Right to Life and Planned Parenthood have now awarded their endorsements.

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