Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local Alaska Muslim Implies He Might Choose Religion Over Country In Event Of Nuclear Conflict Involving America In The Middle East

Perhaps the most prominent public advocate for Islam in Alaska is an Anchorage resident identified as Al-Hajj Frederick H. Minshall, a U.S. Navy veteran with a degree in fisheries biology who has lived in Alaska since 2004. Minshall identifies himself as a an Ithna-Ashari ("Twelver") Shi'a Muslim; the "al-Hajj" title is customarily bestowed upon those Muslims who make pilgrimage to Mecca. A frequent contributor to the Letters section of the Anchorage Daily News in the past, Minshall is also one of the Alaska Voices columnists.

Although somewhat excitable in his rhetoric, Minshall has attempted to portray Muslims as being peace-loving peoples who are no different than anyone else, and Islamofascism as a distortion of Islam. He frequently cites Islamic religious authorities who issue fatwas condemning gratuitous violence under the cover of Islam. This is why a comment Minshall posted to a Letter to the Editor in the Anchorage Daily News on September 13th, 2012 tripped a red flag. In the letter entitled "Either get out of Middle East or unleash nuclear weaponry", Sean M. Wiederholt expresses frustration with the fruitlessness of America's foreign policy in the Middle East, in effect saying that either we should get the hell out and leave them to their own devices, or else nuke 'em til they glow. The latter, or course, is unthinkable; the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have immunized the world against the use of nuclear weapons since 1945. But here was Minshall's response to Wiederholt's letter; a screenshot is provided in case the comment is removed. The disturbing part is highlighted:

The question -- just what does Mr. Minshall mean by "OBJECT"? How far would he and his fellow American Muslims go to register their objection? The occupation of our embassy in Iran in 1979-80, the WTC Bombing of 1993, the bombing of our embassies in East Africa, the bombing of the USS Cole, the 9/11 attack, and the trashing of our consulate in Benghazi and murder of our ambassador and three of his staff show that Islamofascists, acting in the name of Islam, do not object merely by political means. Some Islamofascists in the Middle East have also proclaimed the goal of establishing a unitary Islamic caliphate in the region, without regard for how Israel and Lebanon might fit in.

In contrast, when Mormons expressed their objection to gay marriage in California, they expressed their concerns POLITICALLY. In 2008, they took the lead in organizing support for Proposition 8, and with the help of Roman Catholics, Evangelicals, the black community, and other pro-family voters, got the measure passed. I don't recall any "Mormofascists" blowing anything up.

By his open-ended comment about Muslim "objection", Al-Hajj Frederick H. Minshall has created three problems:

-- He undermined his previous assertions that Islam is a religion of peace. This also raises the question as to whether or not Minshall's previous portrayal of Islam as a religion of peace is merely an expression of the Islamic principle of Taqiyyah. Like the Jewish tradition of kol nidre, it involves prevarication in the defense of a religion. In contrast, no known Christian denomination incorporates a similar principle.

-- He exposed the Alaskan Islamic community to questions about their loyalty to the United States and the local community. The Islamic community in Alaska has blended in and their behavior is indistinguishable from other Alaskans. They're even constructing a masjid (mosque) in South Anchorage, which has attracted no controversy.

-- He provided grist for the propaganda mills of genuine Islamophobes like Pamela Gellar and Debbie Schlussel, who don't merely expose Islamofascism but who also misrepresent Islam itself as a religion of hate.


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  3. Interesting that the neck bearded manchild twelver convert scrubbed his facebook account after the Canadian soldier was murdered at the Canadian National War Memorial. Coward POS.

  4. Maybe he can explain his reason for scrubbing his account.

    Frederick H. Minshall aka

    Al-Hajj Frederick H Minshall
    Al-Hajj Bilal Ammar Jihad

    Alaska Inspection
    NOAA Fisheries
    1414 Denali Street, Apt. B
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone: 907-278-405

  5. 907-278-4059

  6. Apparently this fellow has been trolling my niece in Virginia for her advocacy of feral cat colonies. He must not know that she has a really mean aunt who lives in the valley. I have no problem with muslims...but this guy ia an ass hole. Entirely different issue.

  7. Big time asshole! He's a psycho cat hater who posts all over the world. He obviously doesn't have anything better to do with his life. He recently started meddling in Miami's local politics regarding homeless cats and bragged that in Alaska he kills them. He's aggressive and insulting towards other people for not sharing his narrow minded point of view. The man is obviously mentally deranged.

  8. He has been trolling TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and feral cat sites and articles about the same for years. He manages to weave his hatred for Caucasians, Jews and Christians into his fanatic diatribes towards cats. The fact that he works for the federal government should be a concern for everyone.

  9. Was just reading a news article about a man going to jail for killing 21 cats and saw this guy's posts on Disqus, and had to block him as he was so offensive. To him every other poster is "Sonny" and Caucasians are "white weasels" and 40 years in fisheries makes him an expert on everything.

  10. Innes Mizner12/06/2016 1:25 AM

    He just threatened to shoot me on The Atlantic magazine, a real 'internet tough guy'. The fact I live in Europe just underlines how deluded he is. I'm going to report his unhinged behaviour to his employer, his mosque and the local law enforcement. Simply so when he does really go on a shooting spree then they can't claim they never knew.

    1. I've also received similar threats from this Minshall guy, although he is encouraging others to kill me by attacking me with an axe. Let me know how your reports were received; I'm preparing one for the Anchorage Police.