Monday, September 17, 2012

Did Palin Stalker Joe McGinniss Stab Convicted Green Beret Murderer Jeffrey MacDonald In The Back? Sarah Palin Thinks So

The case of convicted murderer Jeffrey MacDonald, who is serving three life terms after being convicted of stabbing and bludgeoning to death his wife, Collette, and daughters, Kimberley, 5, and Kristen, 2 on April 17th, 1970, sprung back to life in a federal courtroom in Wilmington, NC on Monday September 17th, 2012. MacDonald was granted a hearing on new evidence his lawyer says will prove that MacDonald is innocent.

Note: You can visit The MacDonald Case website for a multitude of information about the case. It advocates on behalf of MacDonald. Wikipedia provides a distilled summary of the case.

MacDonald, now 68, was granted the hearing based on defense contentions that newly tested DNA points to other suspects and that sworn statements by a former federal marshal will show that prosecutors threatened a crucial witness whose testimony could have exonerated MacDonald. DNA from three hairs found inside the house does not match MacDonald, his wife or his children. The hearing is expected to last up to two weeks; the Wilmington Star-News provides much more detailed coverage from their end.

But perhaps of greater interest to us Alaskans is that Sarah Palin has weighed in on this case. Conservatives4Palin reveals that Palin has tied her nemesis stalker Joe McGinniss to the MacDonald case, referencing an article she wrote for Breitbart which reviews Errol Morris’ new book, “A Wilderness of Error”. The book calls into question the prosecution of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for the murder of his family, and McGinniss’ role in distorting the public’s perception of the story. What Palin suggests is that McGinniss wormed his way into MacDonald's confidence, obtaining exclsuive rights to MacDonald's life story, then turned about and wrote it from the prosecution's point of view, misleading the public and perhaps burying MacDonald further. Here is Palin's money shot:

MacDonald signed a contract giving McGinniss exclusive rights to his life story, and so McGinniss was given unprecedented access to the defense team – living with them, working with them, eating with them. But when the guilty verdict came down, McGinniss did a one-eighty on them. Apparently, falsely convicted men don’t make for good books. McGinniss decided it was a better story to agree with the jury. MacDonald wasn’t a sympathetic figure. He did himself no favors with some media appearances. So, McGinniss went about writing a book that would convince people the government got the right verdict and we could all pat ourselves on the back and leave Jeffrey MacDonald to rot in his jail cell till Judgment Day.

It should be noted that Sarah Palin is hardly a disinterested party. Her hatred of Joe McGinniss still burns brightly to this day, as evidenced by this passage from the Breitbart article (after the jump):

McGinniss shattered long-time relationships within my circle of friends and family with his horrendous actions while living 12 feet away from my kitchen and lying to people for his book about me and making them lie or twisting their words or even inventing “sources” out of whole cloth. The result of the “evil thing” he “constructed” was unjustly trashed reputations, shattered relationships, and a book of lies vomited into the public record.

What McGinniss did in my town and to my family was sick and vicious. I sympathize with MacDonald and his defense team because I saw firsthand the twisted way McGinniss operates. Before he moved in right next door to spy on us, he stalked us for months, making creepy unwelcomed “visits” to our house, as he tried to manipulatively win our trust the same way he won the trust of MacDonald and his defense team – all so that he could betray us just as he betrayed them.

Who can blame Palin for still fuming? Backstabbing and front-running seem to be par for the course for Joe McGinniss. Don't forget, it was McGinniss who leaked the contents of "Blind Allegiance", a book about Frank Bailey co-authored by Mudflats blogger Jeanne Devon. Devon directed the public to a more comprehensive expose on McGinniss published by

Of course, the current hearing in Wilmington will not win a verdict reversal or exoneration for Jeffrey MacDonald. The best possible outcome would be a new trial for him, in which he could well be convicted again. Palin recognizes this possibility. But even if MacDonald does get convicted again in a new trial, the behavior of Joe McGinniss will leave a bad taste in people's mouth. According to this comment, MacDonald did receive some measure of revenge when he filed a civil suit against McGinniss that was settled out of court. McGinnis paid $325,000 to MacDonald, but he personally received only $48,000. The Kassabs sued MacDonald for the settlement and received $80,000. MacDonald's mother received $93,000 and his lawyers received $104,000

It is because of people like Joe McGinniss that I believe in a hell. I can't conceive of McGinniss being ushered into paradise upon his return to the spirit world -- the Lord would have to apologize to those who actually earned their way there.

Other pertinent reviews of "A Wilderness Of Error" have been published by the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and National Public Radio.



  2. I cannot even imagine that Sarah Palin would get to go to heaven. She is a she-devil, angry and manipulative. Joe MacGinniss is on the witness list for this review--Sarah Palin is not. Apparently she feels the media hasn't been giving her enough attention lately and this is her chance to pretend that she is an expert witness about this case. Last week, she wanted attention because of her close friendship with the first man who walked on the moon--this week her new best friend is Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald. Whoever is famous and dies in the next day or so, will become her new best "friend". Chief Quitting Bull has never heard of someone she couldn't pretend to know.

  3. Sadly, Sarah Palin and her stooges have such low reading skills that she failed to realize that Morris has not stated whether he feels MacDonald is guilty or innocent. He criticizes McGinniss, saying that he feels the book that he wrote is more factual. The courts have put McGinniss on their list for possible testimony--they have not placed Sarah Palin or Morris on the list. It is unclear what evidence Palin has to make her statement about MacDonald's innocence--or which law school she attended to claim that she knows all the facts of the case. The one thing that is crystal clear is that Palin is still carrying her grudge against McGinniss and that making critical comments against him on her show about Alaska and the various talk shows was not enough. As a Christian, she has never learned to forgive or to forget and her mind or heart is full of anger and bitterness. Maybe that is why everyone comments about how she is aging very poorly.

  4. Yesterday's news was about how McGinniss is wrong about MacDonald and she has insider knowledge to prove he is innocent. Today's news is that she thinks Romney should change their campaign stategy and go rogue like she did. Such a know-it-all--in a few days we will see her and Piper sitting smugly in the front row of Dancing with the Stars and acting like Bristol is the best dancer there and the judges don't know as much about Dancing as Sarah. What we will never see is Sarah Palin at home taking care of Trigg and doing what is best for a special needs child. It is all about stealing the attention away from someone else--and pretending that she is all knowing. About time for her to ghost write another book about what a challenge it has been for her to raise a special needs child--still waiting for her to show that she is Trigg's birth mother and he is not just the son of Todd's mistress.

  5. Yeah, Sarah Palin for exposing Joe McGinniss for the liar, creep, and back-stabbing fraud that he is! No one in the world would want to be Joe McGinniss's next subject--he slaughters them with his lies and deceit. I hope he is proud of himself and his lack of integrity. It's great that the fiction he produces (disguised as non-fiction) shows what a conniving manipulator he is. Dr. MacDonald is innocent and Joe McGinniss had proof of it he didn't care to share with the public. McGinniss can never wash the blood away from his hands. He is as guilty as the judge and prosecutors in this case of railroading an innocent man. Thank you Sarah Palin--you're one of the ONLY ones that can truthfully criticize Joe McGinniss because he did the same devious behavior towards you and your family. (Same as he did to Ted Kennedy and his family. Pattern, anyone?)