Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Alaskans For Ron Paul Organizer Evan Cutler Spearheading Effort To Get Ron Paul To Run As A Third Party Candidate, Preferably As A Libertarian

Some supporters of Ron Paul have not reconciled themselves to Mitt Romney's nomination as the Republican Presidential candidate. Breitbart reports that upset by how the Republican Party establishment disrespected them during the Republican National Convention, over 300 Ron Paul supporters joined a conference call on Sunday September 2nd, 2012 to discuss plans to urge Paul to run as a third-party candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, or perhaps as an independent.

Making this story even more newsworthy to us Alaskans is that the chief organizer for Alaskans for Ron Paul, Evan Cutler, seems to be at the center of this effort. Cutler told those on the conference call that he spoke with Paul and his wife on Friday August 31st, and that Paul told him he has not completely ruled out a third-party run. Cutler said Paul did express concerns about ballot access and the money that would be required for such a run. According to Cutler, Paul no longer considers himself a Republican, but for Paul to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states, he would have to be on the Libertarian Party ticket, either as the presidential or vice-presidential candidate. Dr. Paul is expected to respond to this appeal on the Tonight Show on September 4th.

Update: Ron Paul officially put to bed speculation he would be returning to the presidential stage this year as a candidate or that he’d endorse any of the remaining candidates during his appearance on the Tonight Show.

A September 4th follow-up letter to Dr. Paul by Evan Cutler has been posted HERE. Cutler points out that the total of 1800+ people who ultimately participated in the conference call were of different political stripes, including Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents. He urges Dr. Paul not to give up, saying it's about spreading the message of liberty, and offers to put him in contact with key Libertarian Party officials. Cutler has also launched a petition campaign in which the objective is to get 20,000 people to sign, believing that could be a sufficient number to convince Dr. Paul that another effort would be worthwhile:


Analysis: I had already resigned myself to supporting Mitt Romney, since getting Barack Obama out of the White House is vital to the national interest. Gary Johnson may be an honorable man with executive experience, but he has been non-competitive so far; he's even been frozen out of key debates because of the five-percent rule.

However, the substitution of Ron Paul for either Johnson or Jim Gray would dramatically change the dynamic. All of a sudden, the Libertarian ticket would be competitive. And don't underestimate Ron Paul's ability to cut across party lines; a Libertarian ticket featuring Paul would pick up Democratic votes as well as Republican votes. There is growing dissatisfaction with Obama among Democrats, too.

I could vote for Ron Paul on the Libertarian ticket, even as the running mate, with a clean conscience, knowing that it would not necessarily be guaranteeing the re-election of Obama. As Spencer W. Kimball once said, faith precedes the miracle.

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