Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alaska Job Corps Applicant Christian Kaz Arbitrarily Turned Down Merely Because He Expressed Concern Over Being Assigned A Gay Roommate

On August 10th, 2012, KTUU Channel 2 reports that an Alaska Job Corps applicant was arbitrarily turned down for admission into the program merely because he expressed concern over being assigned a gay roommate.

Eighteen-year-old Christian Kaz applied for a slot in Job Corps in December 2011. On Thursday August 9th, he found out that Job Corps rejected his application because of a comment he made during his interview. When he was asked if he would be okay with sharing a dorm room with other students, Christian says he told the interviewer he would feel uncomfortable if he had a roommate that was gay. Note that he did NOT refuse to accept a gay roommate; he merely told the interviewer that he would be uncomfortable with a gay roommate.

At this point, the opportunity for one of those legendary "teaching moments" so deeply beloved by the therapeutic culture had presented itself. The interviewer could have taken the time to explain to Kaz that the Job Corps requires that applicants live in a multi-cultural environment, including living and working with members of various races, ethnic backgrounds, political and religious affiliations, and sexual orientations, and the interviewer could have also reassured Kaz that if any roommate of his was to misbehave sexually towards him, the roommate would be punished. But no, the interviewer decided to assume the worst -- that Christian Kaz was a "hater". Christian's comment raised the legendary "red flag" and his application was screened out.

Deanne Amaden, Job Corps' regional director of public affairs based out of San Francisco, issued a typical bureaucratic non-statement on August 10th, saying "The Job Corps program is a federal job training program, and as such serves a diverse population. We encourage anyone interested in Job Corps to contact the admissions office to learn more about Job Corps, and to explore the training and housing options available." Yada, yada, yada......every federal bureaucracy that comes under fire spews the same bureaucratic drivel, which is designed to evade any semblance of accountability. They must all have been taught to read from the same script. It was actually a staff member at the Palmer Job Corps center who was more forthcoming and confirmed the rejection; the staff member also says she told Christian to apply again without mentioning his concerns about the dorm living situation.

But Christian Kaz has been psychologically scarred by the experience and says after everything that happened, he does not plan to reapply. He has just experienced the fulness of political correctness -- up close and personal. He has learned that the God of Political Correctness is a jealous and merciless god, demanding sacrifices just like the ancient god Moloch -- and does not care about distinctions between ignorance and malevolence. Christian Kaz's ignorance was presumed to be malevolence. This story makes me glad I voted against Proposition 5 in April; if passed, this could have easily happened in Anchorage. Proposition 5 would have ultimately led to gay supremacy.

This story generated some lively discussion in the comments; even a KTUU staffer responded (after the jump):

Jill Crowder Hockema 3 hours ago:
Shame on the Job Corps of Alaska! Just because he would feel "uncomfortable" sharing a room with a homosexual does not mean he has a problem with them! The young man should have been told he could live at home! This is ridiculous!

Alaska Live Anchorage, Alaska 4 hours ago:
Personally, I am let down that KTUU took this liberal of a stand on the situation... The boy was made ineligible to get into the job corps simply for stating he is worried, scared about sharing a room with another male who would would be looking at him sexually as he changed his clothes or showered.. all Christian wanted to do was have a safe room to sleep in while at the job corps.. to this request, the request that he NOT be subject to possible rape, the same reason the Job Corps does not place women and men in the same dorms, this young man was denied entrance into the Job corps... this article basically says Christian is biased against homosexuals and so the Job Corps did the right thing by excluding him... I should have known.

Rick Schleyer-ktuu · Assistant Chief Photographer at Channel 2 - KTUU 1 hour ago:
I'm sorry that you feel Channel 2 did a poor job covering this story. I feel that the statement "I'm not a hater, I'm not. I'm just uncomfortable with the situation," sums it up completely... that's a very honest feeling. I know that at my age I wouldn't have an issue, but at the age of 18, I easily could have... If that's the way he feels, none of us has the right to challenge that.

In regards to the difference between "accusing the Job Corps of discrimination" and "feeling discriminated against", I feel that there are only two parties; Christian and Job Corps... If Christian feels discriminated against, Job Corps must be the party that caused that feeling, thus the "accusation".

Again, I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the coverage we provided.

Alaska Live · Anchorage, Alaska 4 hours ago:
Actually a little more detailed account of what happened was, after he applied, he was called in for an interview.. at the conclusion of the interview, he was asked if he had any questions or concerns.. he said, well, I am worried that they will put a guy who is attracted to men in my dorm... this being said because Christian has never been away from home much. This moving on campus was a big and scary step for him...he was never told after that he could live off campus.. only that because he said that, he was INELIGIBLE to be admitted to the program.. ineligible for simply stating he is worried about being in a dorm room, showering, dressing with a man who would find him sexually attractive.


  1. Fuck the Job Corps.It's nothing but a bolshevick front.And fuck you to Deanne Amaden you bulldike.

  2. Yeah, they should have offered him a room with a guy that liked child porn because I know all you clowns would have agreed on that choice.

  3. Isn't it funny how they had to get San Francisco to be the spokesperson for the Job Corps of Alaska imbarrest them in one sentence " I believe that they want me to keep my opinion to myself" and isn't funny how the news had to just butcher me on my honest opinion. Frankley I am NOT Scarred About the issue I even had people tell me that I should have filed a lawsuit

    1. Email your Senator

  4. Why am I not surprised. Anyone who does not bow down to the Liberal agenda is denied any chance of advancement, a chance too make ones life better. If u don't kiss a queers ass or anyone in the lbgt community or Muslim communities your blackballed and labeled as a hater, or racist, or phobic or I intolerant. Its bullshit. Our country is being destroyed from the inside out and everyone is to pussy to do anything about it. Grow a set of balls Americans and fight back.

  5. Email your Senator