Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sexualization Of American Youth: Six-Year-Old Florida Rapper Says "I Can Make Your Booty Pop"

From Debbie Schlussel's blog comes this absolutely disgusting video. A six-year-old kid named Albert Roundtree Jr. has been playing the piano and singing since he was four. Now, he's been diverted into rap. In the video embedded below, which shows women's buttocks nearly on top of his face on several occasions, he spouts off about how he can "make your booty pop". He's also carrying a squirt gun, which Schlussel considers representative of a penis. If you attempt to view it at the YouTube website, you'll have to sign in and verify your age, but I was able to embed it here nonetheless:

It's not the kid's fault; he's been maneuvered into doing this by conniving, manipulative, and degenerate adults. Debbie Schlussel suggests this might be a form of child abuse, and she may not be wrong. She writes, "Think about what would happen if the gender roles were reversed and this was a six-year-old girl with men’s Speedo-sheathed penises shaking in her face. A whole lotta people would be facing charges".

Video director Tyler Council defended his role in creating the video, saying that it was supposed to be a joke, that there was no improper touching, and that he was commissioned to do the video by Albert's parents, who hope their son becomes a rap star from it. He said there are already plans for another music video. However, the black mother of another six-year-old boy had a decidedly different reaction, saying that her first thought was to call child protective services:

"As the mother of a 6-year-old black boy, I want to ask his parents what made them think such foolishness was acceptable and if they understand that their child is being abused, let alone exploited. Because while some think it's cute to have this child acting all mannish in a pool full of half-naked women, what they're really doing is setting him up for failure. Not only will his rap career never happen -- I mean, how many 6-year-old phenoms can you name? -- but by having this child immersed in an environment where women are disposable and he's more worried about popping booties than learning how to read is extremely problematic, too".

This is all part of the campaign to progressively sexualize our kids, and the barriers and age limits are constantly being lowered. The Learning Channel has been running a controversial program, Toddlers and Tiaras, for three years now. An even more egregious example is HBO's Angry Boys, which showed a little girl drinking from a water bottle shaped like a giant pink penis in the series’ 12th episode. In April 2012, WorldNetDaily reported that Joe Wilson of the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute characterized that scene as akin to showing child pornography. Apparently, we learned nothing from the JonBenet Ramsey tragedy, where a misguided couple tarted up their daughter and dangled her as pedophile bait in beauty contests, which may have led to her murder.

The one -- and ONLY -- good thing I can say about the Taliban is that they would know how to deal with the purveyors of such filth.

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  1. "The one -- and ONLY -- good thing I can say about the Taliban is that they would know how to deal with the purveyors of such filth."
    *****And that is exactly what the Taliban did until the purveyors of all filth the"United States" declared war on them and now filth reigns supreme again in Afghanistan.