Friday, July 27, 2012

Gordon Warren Epperly Files A Lawsuit Challenging The Propriety Of Barack Obama's Name On The Ballot, And Questions Whether Nancy Pelosi Should Be In Congress

Remember Gordon Warren Epperly? In February 2012, he filed a nominating petition challenge against the Alaska Division of Elections claiming that Barack Obama did not deserve to be on the ballot because he's a mulatto. Based upon his interpretation of Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, only a natural-born citizen can be President. Furthermore, according to his interpretation of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, only Whites can be considered natural-born citizens; Negroes and Mulattoes are merely statutory citizens. Furthermore, Epperly contended that since the DNC's Official Certificate of Nomination that was on file with the Alaska Division of Elections at the time did not have a Qualification of Office statement, neither Obama nor his electors were qualified to appear on any Alaska election ballot.

-- The 10-page February legal documents are still available HERE.

That challenge didn't work out so well for Epperly; it was rejected in March. So he's back again with a lawsuit this time. This one's a bit different. Epperly wants to compel the state of Alaska to prove that Obama is qualified to be on the ballot. He claims that Obama's citizenship status is unknown, and that Obama was illegally inaugurated in 2009. Although he still claims that a Negro or Mulatto cannot be a natural-born citizen, he does imply that a statutory citizen can be President if both parents were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of his birth and if the location of his birth is known. In his suit, Epperly claims that it has not been established that Obama's father was subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of Barack's birth, and that the location of his birth is questionable and unknown. KTOO News reports that Epperly also wants the Division of Elections to evaluate Obama’s qualifications by specifically obtaining a physical verified copy of a vault birth certificate. If Obama is not qualified, then Epperly wants him to be investigated for advocating overthrow of the government.

-- Read the 18-page July suit documents HERE.

All well and good so far; the birther movement received a powerful injection of credibility when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio took up the cause. But then Epperly marginalized himself by including Nancy Pelosi. He says Pelosi's membership in the U.S. House is questionable because, as a woman, she is merely a stautory citizen of the United States. The relevancy of this to the Alaska Court System is questionable because Alaska has no control over Pelosi's political fortunes; she represents a California district. Epperly thinks Pelosi's inclusion is relevant because she was the chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2008 when under her name, an Official Certificate of Nomination form was submitted under oath declaring Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate and possessed all necessary qualifications.

Also included in the suit are Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell, because he supervises the Alaska Division of Elections, and Gail Fenumiai, Director of the Alaska Division of Elections. The state filed a motion to dismiss on July 20th; Assistant Alaska Attorney General Elizabeth Bakalar wrote that Epperly's statements are repugnant and absurd, and said there's no factual basis for his claims, other than what she called "wholly discredited conspiracy theories."

Public Reaction: Most comments to KTOO debunk Epperly's notions. However, there is more support for Epperly expressed on KTUU. Some examples follow:

Eric Frost · Westlake:
I am not a birther, but I have seen the birth certificate Obama posted on the white house website, and I am curious how Obama's fathers race is listed as african and he was born in Kenya. At the time blacks were listed as black or negro and Kenya didn't become a country until 1963. Hmmmmmmmmm

Frank McAvoy · Top Commenter · Manager at SEM's Store 'n' Lock:
I wasn't a birther until AFTER he released "his" birth certificate. Before that I was just hoping people would stop bringing it up, thinking that they were just going to make us on the right look like loonies. Now I look like a loony too, but it's not because I question the evidence in front of me, but because the main stream media paint me as one for questioning them.

Hugh Dame · Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington:
I am proud to be called a birther by the leftist fools who have bought the pig in the poke. They are the gullible fools, not those of us who SIMPLY want to see the background of this fake we have hired. It is called by rational people "due diligence".

Chris Stebbins Rosenau:
The local ABC affiliate did an AWESOME job in their interview of Zullo. This is real journalism. An hour and a half presser condensed down to a six minute sound byte. Very well done. Explains the "africa" thing and you're correct Eric. That field was left blank in the original document.


  1. "Kenya didn't become a country until 1963"

    Kenya was a UK colony dating back to the late 1800s...

    Birthers: When Facts just don't matter

  2. Elections are futile. If they really could change things, they would be made illegal. As long as ZOG can toss in the Paul wretch, we will still have that entertainment. There has not been one single success, vis-à-vis White people and elections, in the past 70 years, at least. That is, unless you count electing your uncle county dog catcher represents a victory for the White race. This not Germany 1932, where the population was 97% White. This is not 1847 on the American frontier when local government had teeth. ZOG controls everything of importance from the top down. It even dictates to Elmer Fudd -- in Rotten Crotch Idaho -- who he can, or cannot, have for customers in his grocery store.