Sunday, June 24, 2012

Perverted Justice: Timothy J. Fitzgerald Gets Wrist-Slapped With Probation For Pointing A Weapon At An Alaska State Trooper

Schaeffer Cox and Lonnie Vernon never even so much as pointed a gun at any law enforcement officers, yet they were convicted of conspiracy to murder and face heavy time. But another Alaskan who actually pointed a weapon at an Alaska State Trooper in the shoulder will be getting probation only -- NO JAIL TIME.

It all began on August 1st, 2011, when a trooper was called to the Delta State Recreation Site campground for a report of an intoxicated man firing a gun. Trooper Steven Lantz responded and found Timothy J. Fitzgerald lying on the ground. When Fitzgerald pointed a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol at him and another bystander, Lantz fired one shot that hit Fitzgerald in the shoulder. At the time of the incident, Fitzgerald was a U.S. Army Specialist assigned to the rear detachment of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Wainwright.

According to Case No. 4DJ-11-00059CR in the Alaska Court System database, Fitzgerald was originally charged with two counts of Assault 3 - Cause Fear Of Injury w/Weapon (Class C Felony), one count Misc/Weapons 4- Possess While Intoxicated (Class A Misdemeanor), and one count Reckless Endangerment (Class A Misdemeanor).

Fitzgerald initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, but on June 18th, accepted a plea deal in which he would plead guilty to the two assault charges, and the weapons and endangerment charges would be dropped. In exchange, Fitzgerald would be let off with probation, on condition of not drinking, possessing weapons or returning to Delta Junction for the next three years. Fitzgerald is from Fort Wainwright. The judge in the case was Robert B. Downes, who's not up for retention until 2014.

Perhaps the fact that Fitzgerald was shot was considered to be part of the punishment. In addition, Fitzgerald has a relatively clean record; his only other recorded criminal offense was a DUI in 2009, in which he plea-bargained it down to reckless driving. But it seems to be a mockery of justice that a man can actually point a gun at an Alaska State Trooper and get probation, while a couple of militia guys get charged and convicted of conspiracy to murder merely for talking about pointing guns at law enforcement officers. It reinforces the perception that the Schaeffer Cox militia trial was more a political trial than a criminal trial.

One person was unhappy with the deal for a different reason:

flammablepudding June 23, 2012 (News-Miner):
Are you kidding me? I can point a gun at a trooper and get off, but if I smoke a little pot, they throw the book at me. What the hell? What are the priorities of our local court system when people can commit crimes with firearms and not be judged as harshly as those who commit nonviolent "crimes?" Seriously, this makes me mad. Judges, D.A.'s: DO YOUR JOBS. I'm sick of hearing about all the real criminals getting off while you all have me tied up in a bunch of nonsense. Things like this are the reason people hate the man.


  1. In the USA the prison business is huge. Under the guise of punishment for a crime prison owners have
    extremely cheap labour at their disposal. At least 86% and possibly 94% of all prisoners are non-violent.
    They are there because they contracted with thugs – those who convinced them that doing drugs, most of
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    liberty, property, or rights of another living soul. You wonder how the USA can afford a war?

  2. The banksters

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    When will we learn that ‘teaching someone a lesson’ never teaches anything but resentment -- that it
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  3. Boy, if you all just spent a small percentage of your time that you cry and complain about the injustice, to NOT break the law. You would know what to do with your self. people like you make me sick. A man makes two mistakes and is branded for life. He will always have to deal with his inner demons. You, who think that you can hide from yours by smoking weed, will only wine that breaking the law in a small way many times isn't as bad as a few big times. Did it ever occur to you that it might not be his fault. that something happened that they don't want you to know. For instance that he had put the gun down andvthen was shot, by a cop who has already had five "shootings" to someone who had de-escalated the situation because they know they did something wrong. You have no right to judge a man who you alone are worse off than. You sit behind your computer and complain that your the only one who's been through injustice. How about you stop smoking to feel better, get off your ass and go do something that isn't already illegal to enjoy life.

  4. I am Timothy FitzGerald, you people have no idea what happend. Do you believe everything you here on the news? I certainly hope not! Or you are flat out dumb! There were so many cover ups on this case it's not funny!
    Why do you think it was a slap on the hand? Just for no good reason? Don't be a fool! Do some background into the trooper! And it says here I had a DUI.... Wrong! I was forced to sit in a car to stay warm till my house key was returned the car never moved! I had to choose warmth over freezing! What would you choose?