Friday, June 15, 2012

James Devinn Thomas Now Indicted By Anchorage Grand Jury For The Murder Of SrA Clinton Reeves

On June 15th, 2012, a grand jury in Anchorage, Alaska indicted James Devinn Thomas for the murder of SrA Clinton Reeves. The indictment includes one count of first-degree murder and three counts of second-degree murder, and adds to the one count of first-degree robbery and six counts of evidence tampering he already faces. Bail has been set at $100,000, with a court-appointed third-party custodian required for release. Thomas is scheduled to be arraigned on June 19th. Media sources include KTUU Channel 2, KTVA Channel 11, the Anchorage Daily News, and Alaska Dispatch.

Alaska Court System database entry for Thomas available under Case No. 3AN-12-04447CR, which will be further updated with the new charges after arraignment. No official explanation for the robbery charge has yet been published, but SrA Reeves was responding to a car advertisement on Craigslist the day he disappeared, and it's believed he may have had $4,000 cash with him, so Thomas may be accused of stealing the money.

Update June 19th: James Thomas appeared in court on this date and pleaded not guilty to the new charges of murder and burglary. A bail memorandum filed in court indicates that Thomas was with Reeves on April 19th looking at vehicles for sale. This means if Reeves had a wad of cash with him, Thomas would have known it. Detectives had found a bloody claw hammer in Thomas' Nissan pickup; a medical examiner's report indicated Reeves died after multiple blows from a blunt object to his head. In addition, Thomas' own cell phone showed he was researching ways to get rid of a body.

SrA Reeves was first reported missing on April 23rd. His rental car was found parked in Mountain View shortly thereafter. Reeves' body was found in a ravine near Eagle River on May 8th. On May 9th, James Thomas was arrested as a person of interest and charged with evidence tampering after police discovered that Thomas allegedly burned clothing he said was bloodied while cleaning his home, disposed of a blood-covered love seat at the Club Apartments in South Anchorage, and was the person who drove Reeves’ rental car to the spot in Mountain View where it was later found. In addition, police say Thomas lied about the case, first denying all knowledge, then claiming he came home on the night of April 19th to find a bloodied Reeves on his love seat, subsequently escorted out of his apartment by an unknown gunman.

While the justice system observes the presumption of innocence, Thomas had guilt written all over him from the day he was arrested. A person doesn't respond to a murder scene in his own apartment by pulling a G.I. party and cleaning up all the evidence. That, and his constantly changing stories, damned Thomas from the beginning. Unfortunately, Alaska doesn't have the death penalty, which is what Thomas would deserve if he's convicted. What we don't know is if Thomas actually planned Reeves' death from the beginning, or if he merely planned to rob Reeves and it went completely wrong.

The Air Force Times published a lengthy article about Clinton Reeves back on June 10th. His mother believes greed may have motivated Thomas to kill him. Reeves' grandfather was a retired chief master sergeant, and Reeves was thinking about following in his footsteps.

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