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An Insider's Perspective On Drop Zone Security Snitch William Fulton Provided By The Arctic Patriot; Fulton Received $39,000 For His Services

Update January 14th 2013: William Fulton singing like a canary, says he deliberately staged the confrontation with Tony Hopfinger and was trying to derail Joe Miller's Senate campaign. Updated post HERE.

While the Schaeffer Cox militia trial focused on the primary snitch, Gerald Olson, on both Days 10 and 11, the other snitch, William Fulton, has been shielded from direct scrutiny so far. The U.S. Attorney decided not to include Fulton on their list of 70 witnesses to be called, although they said they would make Fulton available if the defense wants to call him.

Unlike Olson, who is a "dirty" snitch who rolled to get consideration on a felony plea deal, William Fulton is a "clean" snitch who was in no legal trouble, yet voluntarily decided to become a ZOGbot. Alaska Dispatch revealed that Fulton had worked as an informant for 10 months until suddenly dropping out of sight after the arrest of the militia members on March 11th, 2011. This would date his involvement with the Feds back to May 2010, which meant that he was under federal control while the campaign treasurer for former Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Eddie Burke. Burke stated in August 2011 that he didn't believe Fulton inflicted any harm upon his campaign.

But on March 15th, 2011, Fulton abruptly signed over Drop Zone Security and its shop, with all its debts and assets to an employee. He also signed over his home to attorney Wayne Anthony Ross. Then he disappeared, but unmasked as one of the two snitches in the subsequent charging documents. At the time, Joshua Bennett, the owner of Far North Tactical in Fairbanks, wasn't surprised. “Bill invested 90 percent of his time trying to instigate an incident of epic proportions. He was trying to talk to everyone around him into attacking the government”, said Bennett.

Now we have an insider's perspective on William Fulton, provided by the editor of The Arctic Patriot blog. While Arctic Patriot currently lives in North Dakota, he is an Alaskan expatriate who met Fulton while he lived here, but who was leery of him from the beginning. Here are his pertinent observations regarding Fulton:

As far as Bill Fulton goes, a man I shook hands with but never trusted, you are a special type of scum. Whatever reward you got, I hope it was worth it. A man's word and honor means something to a few of us.

Obviously not to you. You wouldn't know honor or manhood if it beat you over the head.

Which is why you ran off like the limp-wristed non-man you are, refusing to own up to your treachery.

I regret deeply every penny I spent on equipment and gear in your shop.

I regret more having ever shook your hand.

and this follow-up comment...

Fulton had it in for Schaffer. The very first time I met Bill, back in 09 or 10, all he could do was badmouth him. What a deal! Get paid tax dollars to settle personal grudges and jealousies!

As for the other POS [Olson], he'll be back to ripping people off when the money runs out.

Glad I spent most of my time and dollars at Far North Tactical instead of Drop Zone.

It looks like Arctic Patriot has also picked up on the possibility that Gerald Olson turned snitch as just another scam. During Day 11 of the trial, Olson admitted that if he ever found himself negotiating a fee with the FBI, $300,000 would be his opening bid.

Update May 31st: The Anchorage Daily News reports that William Fulton revealed in testimony that he received around $39,000 from the feds for his services. In addition, a comment was appended to this story implying that Fulton was motivated to snitch by a personal animus against Schaeffer Cox:

G Mail May 31st 9:15 P.M:
I met Fulton in his shop in Anchorage in 2007. I simply mentioned the name of Schaffer Cox because of his work on 2nd amendment issues in the state, and he let loose with a stream of profanities in a hate-laced tirade towards Cox. He clearly hated Cox and thought the worst of him before working on this for the FBI. I think hatred towards Cox, probably because of personality differences, was his motivation in wanting to get Schaffer locked up. Fulton was not a respectable person in my conversation with him.

Perhaps there's another reason why William Fulton wants to remain in the shadows. During the time he was under federal control, the infamous Tony Hopfinger brouhaha took place during a Joe Miller campaign event in Anchorage on October 17th, 2010, when Hopfinger of Alaska Dispatch was roughed up by Fulton's Drop Zone Security operatives. Perhaps Fulton is concerned that defense attorneys might ask him under oath if Fulton deliberately staged that confrontation at the behest of his federal handlers in order to derail Joe Miller's Senate campaign. Up until that time, the race was a dead heat between Miller and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski. But after the incident, Miller's campaign went into irreversible decline, additionally fueled by his own lapses, and he lost in November. Miller has never publicly speculated on this possibility, however.

There was no logical reason why a write-in candidate, even with a famous name, should have prevailed over Joe Miller. Thus it is not inappropriate to ask if the feds used their snitch to alter the outcome of an election. After all, we now know that Mark Begich would not have become U.S. Senator without the help of federal prosecutor Brenda Morris.



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