Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gerald Olson Portrayed As A Hustler, Admitted He Wanted $300,000 From The FBI For Snitching During Day 11 Of Schaeffer Cox Trial

Although I continue providing brief daily synopses of the Schaeffer Cox Militia Trial on the dedicated static page, the testimony given by primary informant Gerald Olson on May 24th, 2012 deserves special attention. It was the long-awaited opportunity by the Schaeffer Cox militia defense team to present Olson in the most unfavorable light, and they did a good job portraying him as a hustler who embarked upon snitching as another money-making scheme. Alaska Dispatch has the most comprehensive story, but the Anchorage Daily News also presents useful information.

Here are the pertinent facts which emerged during testimony:

-- Gerald Olson earned an estimated $140,000 - $170,000 from drug-running. While a prospect for the Hells Angels, he transported cocaine and marijuana from Puyallup, WA to the fortified Hells Angels clubhouse in Anchorage's Spenard neighborhood during a 17-month period. [Ed. Note: On May 31st, the Anchorage Daily News revealed that William Fulton received $39,000 from the feds for his services.]

-- Gerald Olson's previous activities in taking people's money for work building cabins, selling logs, or building septic systems that he never completed, as well as stealing a tractor, were all cited.

-- Gerald Olson has already received $77,000 to help cover basic expenses and move his wife and children out of Alaska. In addition, the Feds arranged that Olson would serve no additional jail time for pleading guilty to his scamming activities.

-- Gerald Olson admitted in court that if he ever found himself negotiating a fee with the FBI, $300,000 would be his opening bid.

So what's the picture of Gerald Olson now? A man who worked with outlaw bikers, ran drugs, scammed the public, and when it began to go wrong, crawled under Uncle Sam's skirts and begged for protection, offering to shop anybody and everybody with whom he came in contact. His admission that he would have asked $300,000 from the FBI should paint a picture of someone whose motive for informing is to perpetrate yet another financial hustle. Just how trustworthy can such a person be? Sure, he claims to be "reformed", but perhaps readers remember that the stone killer Karla Faye Tucker suddenly "found" Jesus as her execution date approached, hoping to use Jesus as a ticket out of Death Row. Then-Governor George W. Bush didn't buy her crocodile tears, though.

If the jury is smart, they won't buy Gerald Olson's crocodile tears, either. This sounds like just another scam by Olson. Read about the rest of the days' proceedings in the Dispatch.


  1. Thanks for the updates. The FBI really knows how to pick em'. In the Hutaree trial, the informant Dan Murray proved to be quite a character as well. Not only did he receive exorbitant cash payments (one was a $5000 cash lump sum) he was proven to be mentally unstable, and was convicted of more violent crimes than all the Hutaree members combined. Where does the FBI find these guys???

  2. Jon Whiting5/24/2012 3:13 AM
    "Where does the FBI find these guys???"
    Bird of a feather.....