Friday, May 04, 2012

Another Samantha Koenig? Anchorage Mounts Effort To Find Missing Senior Airman Clinton Reeves

Update May 9th: Good news and bad news. The good news -- Clinton Reeves is no longer missing. The bad news -- he's no longer with us. Updated post HERE.

Even while the memory of Samantha Koenig is still fresh, we have another missing persons case. Senior Airman Clinton Reeves, assigned to the 673rd Logistics Readiness Squadron at Joint Base Elmendorf-Fort Richardson (JBER), has been officially missing since April 23rd, and people in Anchorage have launched an effort to find him. Flyers have been printed up and are available at the Boniface Gate of JBER for those wanting to distribute them. Among those joining the hunt is James Koenig, the father of Samantha. Koenig says it’s his way of repaying the community that helped him, and Judy Davis, Reeves’ mom, is particularly grateful for the help, since Clinton is her only child. Clinton's father, Terry Reeves, has flown in from the Kansas City area to assist in the search. Clinton Reeves is a native of Raytown, a suburb of Kansas City. The Anchorage Police Department's Homicide Division is investigating.

KCTV Channel 5 news video from May 2nd embedded below for more background:

A reward fund administered by Victims For Justice was started on Friday May 4th at First National Bank Alaska for information leading to Reeves' recovery. There will be an additional $1,000 cash reward for tips that lead to the arrest of a felony crime suspect.

SrA Reeves, 24, was last seen leaving work at JBER on April 19th. The last time anyone heard from him was on April 22nd, and he didn't report for duty on April 23rd. Police later found Reeves' rental car, a Dodge Avenger, parked in the 300 block of McCarrey Street in the Mountain View neighborhood, unlocked and without the keys; the ignition had not been tampered with or hot-wired. Inside were Reeves' clean uniforms, paperwork, three cases of Dr Pepper and some food, including rice. He was reportedly meeting someone in response to a Craigslist advertisement for a vehicle for sale on April 22nd; he had just received $4,000 in an insurance settlement over his previous vehicle, which had been wrecked. It is not known if he had the $4,000 on his person at the time he responded to the ad.

Update May 8th: Anchorage Police now officially suspect foul play, although they give no further details.

Update May 9th: Anchorage Police announced they have arrested another airman, James Thomas, as a person of interest. Thomas is accused of evidence tampering.

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