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Evan Cutler Of Alaskans For Ron Paul 2012 Disavows Controversial Mike Cook "Dirty Tricks" E-Mail

This information needs to get out. The controversial e-mail allegedly sent by Mike Cook to Alaskan Ron Paul supporters has been disavowed by the organizer for Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012, Evan Cutler. Cutler posted the disavowal in the form of a comment to this post on Syrin's blog (I broke it up into two paragraphs to improve readability):

Evan Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:26:24:
Hello Syran, That “Mike Cook” email was not from anyone in our group–and that email address is not one we use. As far as we can tell it was deliberate disinformation from someone trying to create fear of Ron Paul folks as an attempt to distract from the legitimate issues we present and create unnecessary fear and frustration within the party. We have always encouraged all our delegates and activists to treat everyone with respect. As with any large group of people, there always tend to be some unusual types, but to take any one annoying person and paint an entire group of sincere and dedicated activists as all the same is disingenuous. We showed up at the ARP Convention because we care sincerely about our Constitutionally Protected Rights, the Constitution it self as the Rule of Law, the economy and sustainable economics, Liberty, State’s Rights, and peace. Everyone who believes in these things is welcome in the Republican Party, and creating an “us” vs. “them” mentality within the party is not-productive. Instead, it’s important that we learn mutual respect and how to work on our common goals.

Our hope is that the infusion of time, skill, energy, and the Alaskans for Ron Paull 2012 movement brings to the party will be seen for it’s sincerity, integrity, strength, and insistence on right action–and appreciated as a blessing, instead of a curse. We all share this state together, and there is far more we can accomplish by working together, than by professing a bigoted attitude towards genuine and sincere seekers and advocates of the key values our Founding Father’s enshrined in the framework of this nation’s founding documents.

Sincerely, Evan Cutler, Organizer, Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 529-5683

What makes this disavowal so important is that a number of sources, including Mudflats, seem to think it's genuine. Syrin seems to think it's gospel. We need to get the truth out.

The original "Mike Cook" e-mail spawning the controversy is posted after the jump. I've also published a separate post on the state convention itself:

From: Mike Cook
Date: April 26, 2012 7:36:21 PM AKDT
Subject: Delegate instructions – do not forward

Alaska Ron Paul Delegates and Alternates,

We have 48 hours left until the state convention. We have 3 goals over the next 48 hours:

1. Make sure all of Dr. Paul’s delegates and alternates show up at convention.

2. Educate all of our first timers on how to outmaneuver and confuse the Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney delegates.

3. Elect Ron Paul supporters to fill ALL 24 of Alaska’s national convention delegate slots.

There areas keys to success

1. This is a numbers game. If more of Dr. Paul’s supporters turn out than any other candidate’s delegates, we control them. If more of our people show up, we take over the state convention, we change the rules, and we take over the Republican Party. Turnout is key.

2. We vote as a block and never deviate from the voting instructions dispensed by our command center. On every vote, we vote together. We will be informing you via text message on how you need to vote on every vote that comes up. If you have not sent us your cell phone number you will have with you on Saturday, please do so right away. The Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney supporters will be splitting their votes because they will not be communicating with each other like we will be doing. Our internal numbers show that if Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney delegates vote as a block, they have a majority at the state convention. So it is absolutely crucial that we use whatever tactics necessary to promote division and confusion amongst their supporters. We promote confusion and division by:

a. Gaining the trust of our opponents’ supporters and taking advantage of their ignorance so that we can gain control of them and tell them how they have to vote. For example if you are talking to Santorum supporters, tell them you are also pro-life and agree with a lot of what he has to say. Tell them you used to support him but now that he is out of the race you are supporting the only constitutional conservative remaining in the race. Tell them whatever they need to hear so that you gain their trust and establish credibility with them. Once you’ve done that you will control them.

b. Deception and Misinformation – use any means necessary to divide and conquer our opponents.

c. Prolonging the convention through parliamentary maneuvers. The longer the convention goes, the better for us. Our opposition will have a majority at the start of the convention but as the day goes on their delegates will have to leave because their baby sitter is only scheduled to watch the kids until 3pm or because they have dinner reservations, or because they just get too frustrated because the convention is taking so long. We will wait them out. We are disciplined and organized while they are weak willed and lazy. So the longer the convention goes, more and more of them will leave. All of a sudden what started out as a majority for them dwindles away and the balance of power shifts to us. We will use every parliamentary tactic in the book to prolong the meeting. Dr. Paul’s campaign has sent national lawyers who will run circles over the local Alaska lawyers. Our lawyers are ready to sue anyone who tries to get in our way.

After we take over the Alaska convention, we will be able to nominate Dr. Paul from the floor at the Republican National Convention. We will have a floor fight at the national convention and when it’s all said and done, Dr. Paul will be the nominee. Despite what the Republican Party wants us to believe, this election is not about beating Obama. This election is about cleansing the Republican Party. The poor excuse for Americans that support Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney need to be run out of the Republican Party. Once we have cleansed the Republican Party and President Paul is elected, we will end America’s wars of aggression, we will put an end to American imperialism, and we will end the Fed!

DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL. The element of surprise is critical. Our opponents don’t know what is about to hit them so they will not be able to defend themselves against our superior convention organization. By the end of the day Saturday, the Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney elements within the Republican Party will be cleansed from the Republican Party and we will deliver all 24 of Alaska’s national delegates to Dr. Paul!

In Liberty,

Mike Cook

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