Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebration Of Life For Samantha Koenig Planned At Anchorage West High School On April 22nd; Israel Keyes Now Indicted For Kidnapping Leading To Murder

Update December 2nd: Israel Keyes was found dead in his jail cell at 6:45 A.M. on this date. Officials believe it to be a suicide. Updated post with numerous media links HERE.

For those who are following the Samantha Koenig case, there's a memorial planned for her to take place at Anchorage's West High School on April 22nd, 2012, from 2:00 P.M. until 3:30 P.M. The celebration of her life, as it is described on the Facebook page, will take place in the auditorium. The public is invited, and people are asked to wear an article of clothing that's lime green if they have it.

According to the obituary, this will be preceded by a remembrance room available from 1 P.M. to 7 P.M. Wednesday, April 18th through Saturday, April 21st at Kehl's Legacy Funeral Home located at 11621 Old Seward Highway. Samantha was cremated at sunrise on Easter Sunday, April 8th.

The Anchorage Daily News has a guestbook available for those who wish to express their condolences to the Koenig family. At present, the guestbook's only available until May 15th. Here is a video tribute to Samantha:


As for Israel Keyes, he's still in jail without bail, being held on a federal charge of access device fraud to which he has pleaded not guilty. While he is not yet labeled an official suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Samantha Koenig, police do expect to file additional charges. At his March 27th arraignment, Keyes said he is broke and showed evidence of significant indebtedness; a public defender was appointed for him.

On April 18th, this changed. Israel Keyes has now been indicted by a federal grand jury for kidnapping resulting in death and receipt and possession of ransom money. This is in addition to fraud with an access device. Keyes has pleaded not guilty on all charges.

-- Read the indictment HERE.

Summary of events from the indictment: The indictment alleges that Keyes forced Koenig out of the coffee stand about 8 p.m. on February 1st and walked her to his pickup parked across Tudor Road at a Home Depot. He stole a debit card from a vehicle Koenig shared with someone else and sent text messages using her phone that were intended to conceal her abduction. Keyes forced Koenig to give him the card's personal access number and scratched the number onto the card. He killed her on February 2nd, then flew to Houston, Texas.

Keyes flew back to Anchorage on February 17th, and sent a text message from Koenig's phone a week later to demand ransom money, asking that it be deposited in the bank account he could access with the stolen debit card. Keyes made two withdrawals from the account in Anchorage, then flew to Las Vegas on March 6th and began making withdrawals from the account in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas over the next several days until his arrest in Lufkin.

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