Monday, March 19, 2012

Former Resident Of East Germany Sees Parallels Between Barack Obama's America And East Germany, Warns Against Communism

The video below, found on The Blaze, features a former resident of what was known as the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Identified only as Elke, she grew up in East Germany from 1942-1958. She recalls how when the Communists seized power in East Germany, they confiscated all the agricultural land and transformed it into collective farms, they instituted nationalized health care, they rationed food, and confiscated guns. But she also noted that the elite lived far better than the ordinary masses. She sees disturbing parallels between East Germany then and the America of Barack Obama today:

It's during the last minute or so that she cites the modern parallels. She sees Obamacare and his bailouts of banks and the auto industry as steps down the road towards Communism. In addition, she says that Obama's speeches about "helping the poor" remind her of the Communist propaganda fed to her when she was going to school.

Will voters be smart enough to remember her counsel in November 2012? Some interesting comments from The Blaze (after the jump):

ChiefGeorge Posted on March 17, 2012 at 3:02pm:
I predicted BHO would be elected a year out from the election in 08. I just knew from watching him that he would be the man for our times and that the people were ripe for the hearding into what he was selling and still is selling. Its all BS but its sounds good to someone who is tired of having to work for their own resources. We’ve become a dependent peoples on government and its socalled security. Blended in this is the failed multiculture model of many different cultures which are praised for being and staying who they are instead of becoming the Americans of “E PLuribus Unum” From Many One!

America has a belief system and its Called Liberty, IN GOD WE TRUST and E Pluribus Unum. The Left has replaced this with Equality for all, Statism, Dependency. We are there folks and BHO keeps pulling more bricks out of the foundation of this country because he knows the young people have no knowledge of the America we used to be…the reprogramming has begun and this is what fundamental change looks like. Prep quietly people, there will always be the power elite who will be looking to get the good things when they are no longer available to the common man like this fine woman mentioned.

God Bless her but someone needs to tell her to ditch the symbols of oppression called the Peace Symbols.

snooop1e Posted on March 17, 2012 at 7:43pm:
@CHIEFGEORGE – When I saw Obama speak at the DNC convention during Kerry’s campaign I told my wife that Obama would become the first Black President. She thought i was crazy, at that time not that many people had heard about this little known Senator from Chicago. At that time I started to research Obama and what I found out worried me. I read a psychiatric profile of Obama that describes his character to a tee and it was chilling. Everything about Obama is manufactured and calculated. He truly sees himself as enlightened and believes that his vision of socialism will save not only America but the world. I am sure he will be reelected and his second term will usher in the economic collapse of our financial system and the Fed will begin taking over all of the private sector industries that are deemed “essential” and/or “critical” Americas decline will continue and eventually we will become irrelevant in the global market, that’s when we will be most vulnerable to attack. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half during his first term but he has added 5 trillion dollars (more than all previous Presidents combined) in just 3 years and Obama-care hasn‘t even kicked in yet and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Pray for our country, we are going to need it…..

The_Jerk Posted on March 17, 2012 at 2:52pm:
Axelrod, Stern, Sunstein, Bloom, Lew, Orszag, Summers, Emanuel, Emanuel, Shapiro, Zeints, Bernstein, Klain, Plouffe, Feinberg, Gensler, Kagan, Sutphen, Ross, Sher, Feinstein (Lee), Bernanke, Breyer, Ginsburg… all following the teachings of Marx, Alinsky, Piven… and all Jewish.

You tell me where the problem originates.

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